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Funny: Saki Achiga-hen
aka: Saki Achiga-hen
  • When the girls first run into Miyanaga Saki, main character of the parent series and the most absolutely unthreatening person you have ever seen, they seem to see her as some sort of horrifyingly scary demon. Kuro and Harue froze in terror just by her mere Battle Aura. It becomes even funnier when you look at the same time period in the original series manga.
  • Shizu, while reforming the mahjong club, looks out the window and declares to Nodoka that she's coming to see her again. She then gets told that Nagano is in opposite direction.
  • While in a Heroic BSOD after badly losing in the sergeant match of the semifinals, Izumi thanks her opponents for the game twice, then hastily tries to cover herself.
    Izumi: Thanks for the... game...
    Sumire: Thanks for the game... You know, we just said that...
    Izumi: Eh...? You did? Was I spacing out? Sorry for making you set my funny guy behavior straight...
    Sumire: You were joking...?
    Yuu: (with Blank White Eyes) Ah...thanks for the game.
    Yoshiko: Thanks...
    Izumi: (with a Luminescent Blush) Don't all do it! Thank you very much!
  • Toki and Ryuuka discussing Ryuuka's ability to channel Toki's powers from her thighs.
    Toki: Even with your plump thighs, the amount of stored Toki-chan power is still limited. I think I can only come for two more rounds.
    Ryuuka: Then... what if I got a little fatter?
    Toki: I FORBID IT!
  • After Yuu's match in the semi-finals, Ako comes to give her a hug, saying that it's to warm her as thanks for working so hard, but says she's kidding, and wants some of her luck and her breasts.
  • This conversation about how Seiko beat Awai once.
    Seiko: I beat Oohoshi's Double Riichi too.
    Takami: Eh? Did you really beat Awai-chan?
    Seiko: Yeah. Hey... you don't have much confidence in me.
    Sumire: How did you do it?
    Seiko: Well, you see... after we spun the dice and cut the dead wall, I made the walls form a circle. (shows Seiko with Wingding Eyes, chuckling evilly)
    Sumire: (sweatdrops) Despicable...
    Teru: (deadpan) Ah...
  • After Achiga wins the semi-finals, Nishida rushes into the press room and freaks out as she realizes Nodoka has already left.
  • In the BD booklet, as the girls are discussing what to get Kuro.
    Shizuno: What does Kuro like, anyway?
    Arata (deadpan) Boobs.
    Shizuno: Exactly!
    Yuu: Wha—!?
    Shizuno: But still, even knowing that, what are we supposed to get her? ... Some real boobs?
    Ako: She already has Yuu for those.
    Yuu: (sweatdropping) WHAA!?

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alternative title(s): Saki Achiga-hen
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