Funny / Sailor Moon Z

*locks back up the flaming wombats* "You may continue."

Main Story

  • From episode 1
    • Usagi's gift at the birthday party
    • Hudson's reaction to knowing that he's facing the Sailor Senshi
    "She's gonna throw the magic frisbee at me and cut me in half and I'm gonna die and I still haven't even seen Casablanca yet and I'm too young to die, die like some monster, fried and frozen and electrocuted and lasered and killed with a freaking frisbee of doom!"
  • From episode 2
    • The Luna Mind Meld conversation
    • The terrible, ghastly silence (with apologies to Douglas Adams)
    • The cram session with everyone except Steven and Mamoru after Mamoru gets back from wherever he was.
  • From episode 9
    • Minako trying and failing to impersonate Sherlock Holmes, with Hotaru as her equally-unconvincing Dr. Watson.
    • Minako's search for the fake Sailor V leads to her asking Ami to do a search for Sailor V.
    "...'Sailor V is located 2 meters North by Northwest.'" Ami looked up. "Hmm. It found you."
    • Not to mention Minako being upstaged by Sailor V the next day.
    • Naru's explanation of how Occult Rituals work in TORG, which references Hudson's "freaking frisbee of doom" line from Z1.
    • Sailor Venus upstaging Sailor V, who upstaged Amazonite, who upstaged Sailor V's Actress at a Sailor V Autographing Session.
      • Amazonite (a general of the New Dark Kingdom) giving Yuki her autograph at said session.
    • The eating contest between Usagi and Himeko as Usagi.
  • From episode 12
    • The Running Gag where Hotaru keeps walking in on people in various states of intimacy, gets embarrassed and runs off... only to accidentaly walk in on another couple, and another...
      • Artemis's reaction when she walks in on Steven and Minako? "God, I wish I had a camera."
      • At the end of the episode, she has resolved to walking around with her hands over her eyes.
    "No one is kissing or hugging or other stuff, right? They're everywhere! I can't go anywhere without seeing them! I don't mean to! Please, make it stop!"
  • From episode 16
    • The entire second half of the episode. Sailor Venus gets her Talisman, a bow with magical arrows that make whoever they hit fall in love with the first person they see. Chaos ensues.

Not actually in the main story, but still part of SMZ:

  • The So-And-So Says segments. I'd list specific ones, but then I'd be listing all of them. Episodes 9 and 13 have exceptionally funny ones.
  • Symphony of the Planets: Moon and Earth, which is one long string of anime references and misfortune plaguing Usagi and Mamoru on their date.