Funny / Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

  • Sagwa pointing out why Fu-Fu's glasses are slightly cracked in "Sagwa's Lucky Bat".
    Sagwa: So, what happened to your glasses?
    Fu-Fu: Huh?
    (Sagwa points to the glasses, with Fu-Fu's eyes moving towards the sound of a slide whistle)
  • "Fur Cat":
    • The opening when Baba tells Mama that he send Sagwa to deliver the scroll, only to hear that she'll groom him next.
    Baba: Oh, no need dear. I've-I've already attended to my grooming.
    (zooms out on Baba's messy back, with Sheegwa laughing)
    • Dongwa interrupting Sagwa's story, pointing out certain flaws on how it happened (eg. How she came so quick from the far mountains and back, meeting a rain spirit dragon that spits out fire)
    Dongwa: What? Rain spirit dragons don't spit fire.
    Sagwa: Well- well this one did!
  • "Sagwa's Swan Song":
    • Tai-Tai's disappointment on the anniversary gifts, with the last gift being a back scratcher.
    • Dongwa is not pleased that he gave up his snack for their grandparents' anniversary special
    Sagwa: What a disaster...
  • In "The Foolish Magistrate's Aching Tooth", Dongwa states that he'll protect his sister from the porcupine. But after Sagwa gets a quill from Hau-Ju (the porcupine), Dongwa gets himself slightly mortified and Hau-Ju gives him a good scare.
  • Dongwa had some funny moments in "Panda-mounium". This included:
    • Stating that it'll take more than little storm to scare him, only for the lighting to make him hide under the covers.
    • Gloating that he'll use his kung fu to attack the monster, but backs away when it starts growling.
    • Persuading Fu-Fu to go into Tai-Tai's room to catch the bear.
    Fu-Fu: Me?! You go after him!
    Dongwa: Oh no, you go. I'll wait here so I can pounce on him when he comes out.
    (headbutts Fu-Fu towards the room)
    Dongwa: (laughing slyly) Works every time...
    • Suggesting they should catch something scarier towards the end, only for the other three to knock it off.
  • The silkworms the kittens were observing in "The Birds, the Bees, and the Silkworms".
  • "In my bed, took a nap".
  • "Tough Guy Dongwa":
    • The kittens playing tea party with the three daughters.
    • Sheegwa is trying desperately to make Sagwa's hiccups stop, with each method less effective than the last. Finally it ends when Sagwa laughs at the alley cats and Dongwa dressed up in Ba-Do's dolls' dresses.
  • The majority of "The Four Dragons".
  • The Magistrate eating a soiled pastry at the end of "Dongwa the Sailor".
  • "All Grown Up":
    • The part when Baba does a duck call.
    Baba: (takes a piece of grass) It's a duck call. (quacks)
    (A real duck shows up, with Dongwa getting startled and hangs onto Sagwa)
  • Tai-Tai going off in "Wedding Day Mess":
  • Tai-Tai telling her bird to be useful for a change.
  • Pretty much all of the b-plot in "Spreading Rumors", in which the human characters are convinced the cook has a secret girlfriend.
  • "No rules, no race!"
  • Tai-Tai waking her daughters up to go bat hunting after Fu-Fu escapes in "Luck Be A Bat".
    • Earlier in the same episode:
    Sagwa: Can't you fit through the bars?
    Fu-Fu: opens robe, reveals Balloon Belly Nah, too many dumplings.