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Funny: Sabrina
  • David asks Linus why he would spend Sunday at the office. Linus informs him that it's actually Wednesday, much to his surprise.
  • After Sabrina returns from Paris, David stops by the train station, and agrees to drive her back to her home. On the way, Sabrina decides to have some fun with David's inability to recognize her after her makeover, and gives little hints at where they've met before. She tells him that she lives on the same street as him, that her father "runs things" in the field of automobiles, and that said father often drives into town with Linus. David ultimately needs the servants' help in figuring out Sabrina's clues, although they recognize her even without hearing them.
    • In between David pulling into what he thinks is Sabrina's driveway, and the servants welcoming her back home:
      David: I live here!
      Sabrina: Hi, neighbor!
    • In the remake, David finds out when Linus casually recognizes her, as if she never changed at all.
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