Funny / Sting

  • He had a brief feud with The Iron Sheik in 1989 that produced a very clever take on Shut Up, Hannibal!. Sheiky was doing his Persian Clubs routine and was daring Sting to take the challenge. Sting said that he wanted to see him do it again, and Sheiky obliged. This happened a few more times, over and over, until Sting simply walked away, making Sheiky look silly.
  • Frankly, some of his 1997 run was pretty funny. One of the highlights being the mind games he played with Hogan, the peak of this being mannequin Hogan head that he sold like it was an actual decapitated head in a box. The next week no one said a word about this. It's even funnier considering Hulk Hogan's notoriously bad acting.
  • Sting mocking Madison Rayne's screechy voice and girlish tantrum, later threatening to "Scratch [her] eyeballs out" in a Camp Gay voice. Can be seen here.
  • You need a Lego Sting.
  • What he looked like after his Wrestlemania 31 match with Triple H. When Scott Hall looks better than you, that's pretty bad.
  • This Sprite commercial. It has to be seen to be believed.