* Pretty much any time Cougar is onscreen given that he is a CrazyAwesome kind of guy.
** Cougar getting people's names wrong, all, the, ''time''.
* The first appearance of Unkei and his alter ‘Mad Script’, from the episode of the same name. Unkei was an afro-sporting total weirdo.
* Kazuma is so dumb that he himself likes to [[LampshadeHanging lampshade]] it.
-->'''Mujo''': Stupid. You are so stupid.\\
'''Kazuma''': Tell me something I don't already know!
* Manga.
-->'''Tachibana''': Akira's got the rod, I've got the balls, and Hannish aint firing blanks!
-->'''Guard, during Akira and Kazama's approach to the HOLY base''': O-oh no. We're doomed. This music... it's ''Ride of the Valkyries''!