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Funny: Ryback
  • His appearance on the RAW 9/17/12 episode in a segment where Jared from Subway is giving out sandwiches to WWE superstars. Ryback shows up (Jared predictably gives a bit of an Oh, Crap expression as the camera pans to bring him into view) and shouts, of course, "FEED! ME! MORE!" so Jared gives him a footlong sub. Ryback contemplates it for a second, and then yanks a second footlong sub from the table as he walks away. This is especially funny if you know that, in and out-of-character, Ryback is a notorious Big Eater, so more than likely those two sandwiches (if not more) were probably consumed at some point shortly thereafter.
  • In his Skip Sheffield persona, his So Bad, It's Good catchphrase: "Yup yup yup, what it do!"
  • Shouting "I DIDN'T TOUCH YOU, STUPID!" after using Santino Marella as a weapon against Mark Henry, who had already gotten around their no-contact clause to attack Ryback by pushing a barbell down on his throat. Also, taking the time to ask Santino if he was okay before hoisting him over his head and chucking him at Henry.
  • This tout.
  • His botch on Paul Heyman
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