Funny / Rune Factory 3

  • In general, anything that comes out of Pia's mouth.
    • Upon winning the Winter Crop Festival, she congratulates you.
      Pia: You won! Now you're a vegetable!
      Micah: I'm a person, Pia.
    • Some of her requests devolve into downright silliness.
      Micah: Squid alert?!
      Pia: The squid got away! I think it hopped off on it's tentacles!
    • As with other villagers, you can examine Pia's room. Being a mermaid, her room contains a large water basin. Full of squid.
    • Pia: "Micah's thing is so cute!"
    • Pia: So you see, squid are evil. I will eat them. I will eat them ALL.
    • Pia (upon seeing you transform): It's HUGGIN' time!
    • Then she renames her birthday Squidfest.
    • When Sakuya explains to you how she attempted to explain punchlines to Pia, we are told that Pia misunderstood and punched her in the face.
    • Pia at the beach in the summer, telling you to pop your fins out and join her in the water. She's such a Cloud Cuckoo Lander she doesn't even notice that she's the only one who turns into a mermaid when they get wet.

  • Likewise, Daria can be terribly silly at times.
    • She tells you her birthday by going in your house and writing on your calendar.
      Micah: Oh, that was nice of yo-wait, you did what?!
    • Early on, a literal Broken Bridge blocks the way. Gaius suggests Micah ask Daria for help.
      [Micah enters to see a neon-rainbow colored bridge]
      Micah: That's...great, Daria. Thanks.
    • And when you examine one of her paintings, she describes it as something like "the sound of thunder and the smell of grass. And also some clouds."

    • Sakuya practices her tour guide with the player.
      Sakuya: Here, we have Rainbow Falls. There's always a rainbow here, and some say you can even hear the rainbow.
      [off-screen] Daria: RAINBOW!!

  • When Karina runs away from home, Micah sets off towards Oddward Valley to find her. He finds her sword lying by the entrance, runs headfirst into the dungeon...and faceplants over her, sitting a few feet away.
    • When she tests the player if you know about her favorite things and you answer "sleeping"...
      Karina: "Sleeping is not something I want. It's something I need."

  • Kuruna finds crumbs on Micah's face and thinks he's been eating cake.

  • Sofia's got her own grade of awesome hilarity.
    • When Sofia's LP get up to 9 or so, her opposite speak dialogue goes Up to 11.
      Sofia: I used to not feel anything toward you, but now I loathe you vociferously! I want to drag you out into the woods and let the monsters have their way with you. Repeatedly.
      Sofia: I wish you'd walk into the jaws of a Minorus! I burned everything that reminds me of you in a ritualistic bonfire! So let's get together soon!

  • Marian is one crazy Mad Scientist. For instance, she apologizes to Colette for all the times she forcefully gave her medicine... and proceeds to roll up Colette's sleeve to inject her with some more. And when you reveal your wooly form to her, she starts an amusing conversation with "That was a secret?!".

  • Try to sleep in Sakuya's bed:
    Sakuya: "That will be 10,000,000 G!"
    • Pretty much all of Sakuya's interactions with Pia are funny, especially since Pia's a Cloud Cuckoo Lander.

  • Take Raven on a date:
    Raven: "More importantly... what kind of girl do you like?"
    (if you answer "Strange girl") Raven: "Sofia? Or Karina?"
    Micah: "It was just a joke..."
    Raven: "Pia? The forest elf? Wait... Marian?"
    (SweatDrops)Micah: Now that I think about it, this town is full of strange people.

  • At the beginning of your first quest for Evelyn:
    Micah: "So what do you need exactly?" (so that Evelyn can make more clothes)
    Evelyn: "Scrap Metal."
    Micah: "Scrap Metal?!" (exclamation point and question mark appear next to Micah's head)
    Evelyn: "Why are you yelling?"
    Micah: (sweating) "Well...sometimes, I just yell for no reason. It's kinda how I roll.
    Evelyn: "You're weird..."