Funny / Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

  • In "Plasma Bugs of Navarone", discussing Dizzy's borderline Blood Knight tendencies.
    Gossard: "So what do you do to relax, Flores? Bungie jump without the cord?"
    Dizzy: "Hey, no guts, no glory."
    Rico: "No brains."
    Carl: "No kidding."
    • Later in the episode, while ascending a cliff, Rico and Carl are hauling up a Marauder, and it keeps banging against the side of the cliff.
      Brutto: "Rico! That suit is worth more than you and your freaky pal put together; get focused or the damage is coming outta your pay."
      Rico: *to Carl* "Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'."
      Brutto: "What was that?"
      Rico: *casually* "Nothin'!"
      • When Rico is forced to destroy the Marauder to save Carl:
      Rico: "Guess I'm not getting paid 'til I'm eighty."
    • After Gossard is attacked by a cliff mite:
      Doc: "Radical reconstructive surgery is the only option."
      Gossard: "Leg's that bad?"
      Doc: "Leg's fine; I was talkin' about your face."
  • After Brutto is (the last one) freed from his cocoon prison in "And Then There Were Two".
    Brutto: (looks around and notices that he was the last one freed) Saved the best for last huh?
  • In "Missing in Action", Rico and Dizzy start arguing during a briefing.
    Dizzy: "You accuse me of taking risks? That's a laugh."
    Rico: "What are you talking about?"
    Dizzy: "That time in the cave when you were trying to impress Carmen?"
    Rico: "Get serious, I was doing my job!"
    Dizzy: "Oh, please, do I look like an idiot!?"
    Rico: "You said it, not me."
    Lieutenant Razak: "Am I interrupting you two?"
    Dizzy and Rico: "YES!" *look up and realize who's talking* "No! No, Sir; sorry, Sir."
  • Sergeant Zim has joined the Roughnecks, and is helping Rico lead the squad:
    Rico: Let's take it back!
    Zimm: You heard the man! Door's around front. Flores, T-Phai, Brutto, to the left with me! *beat* Rest of you, follow the leader to the right! (talking to himself) Gotta learn the rest of their names.
  • In the series finale, the squad takes cover in the basement after Gossard rigs a nuke per Rico's plan to destroy the base and the bugs overrunning it.
    Rico: This shelter will withstand the blast, right?
    Gossard: You're asking me now?