Funny / Romance of the Three Kingdoms

  • Any scene where Cao Cao escapes is guaranteed to produce some laughs, even if it turns him into the resident Butt-Monkey and Crosses the Line Twice in doing so. We have, to wit:
  • Liu Bei's marriage to Lady Sun (Sun Quan's sister, a.k.a. Sun Shang Xiang in Dynasty Warriors and the operas). It's almost one big Reverse Funny Aneurysm when considered in today's context, from Zhuge Liang's counter-plan to save Liu Bei (from the planned capture by Sun Quan and Zhou Yu's henchmen) by publicizing the wedding (predating the paparazzi/tabloids by centuries), to Lady Sun and her entourage (practically an Amazon Brigade) scaring the crap out of Liu Bei in the nuptial chambers - and scolding the Wu generals into submission when they elope. And all this while, Sun Quan and Zhou Yu are put through the Humiliation Conga by everyone else involved (except Liu Bei, who's too nice - and a hostage for the most part). At the end when Zhou Yu is retreating after a failed final attempt to salvage the whole ordeal, the soldiers of Liu Bei stick around just to taunt him.
  • And for Unfortunate Names, we have "He Man, the devil who shoots across the sky" ... and gets owned in the next line by a minor character. At least it was several centuries too early to be intentional.
  • Mi Heng, for his sheer ability to diss Cao Cao and all of his officers in Chapter 23 (where he both enters and exits), and his final line (before he's executed) in the novel: "You are like a god in a temple: You sit still and receive sacrifice, but the lack of intelligence is pitiful."
  • Near the beginning, a cabal of Eunuchs dominates the court of the Han Empire. One courtier tries to have them executed as part of an attempted coup. The book comments, "The Eunuchs strongly objected to that plan."
  • It's less funny and more amusing, but the fact that Cao Cao, along with several other leaders and officers (but mostly Cao Cao it seems), will be given a plan by an adviser/another officer, and respond with "You say what I think", or one of the many variations of this line. (It's basically the military strategy version of Ascended Fanon or Glad I Thought of It.)
  • The scene where Liu Bei and his oath brothers finally manage to meet the Sleeping Dragon is hella funny due to Zhang Fei's frustration.
    "What an arrogant fellow is this Master?" said he. "There is our brother waiting, while he sleeps on perfectly carelessly. I will go to the back of the place and let off a bomb and see if that will rouse him."
  • Cao Cao holds an archery tournament at the Bronze Bird tower, with the first prize being a silk robe, and what should have been a fine display of marksmanship gets escalated to ludicrous levels: