Funny / Rogue Warrior

  • In training Marcinko was to do a parachute jump and deploy at a thousand feet. The other men he was with were a little nervous so he told them he will deploy when he was level with the ship's masthead, even going as far as to video tape it. His drill sergeant was not amused, as Marcinko fondly recalls the Cluster F-Bomb that came through on film.
    "You asshole. You fucking asshole. You fucking dipshit asshole." It gets worse from there.
  • "Yeah, this is the movement for the Free Ejaculation of Palestine. We are going to kill you. We are going to kill you all. We are going to loot your women and rape your camels, or is that the other way around?" A phone threat a SEAL Marcinko calls the Minkster makes several times before staging a mock terrorist attack, and gets a Call-Back in Red Cell. Whoever answered before the Real Life attack on Air Force One was a little slow on the uptake and it went like this.
    "Could you spell that for me?"
    "That's E as in ejaculation, j as in ejaculation, a as in ejaculation, c as in ejaculation..."