Funny / Roger Rabbit Shorts

Being Roger Rabbit, there are funny moments throughout these shorts. Here are just some of them...

Tummy Trouble

  • "ANESTHETIC!" (bops himself on the head with a mallet)
  • Roger and Baby sailing on the rocketing Laser Cutter straight into an inconveniently-laced pile of explosives.
  • Roger's Wild Take after seeing the hospital bill.
  • Baby Herman's temper tantrum after the short finally wraps up.
    Baby Herman: (Spits out rattle) If I have to swallow that rattle one more time, I'm gonna puke my guts out!
  • Droopy Dog as the elevator operator, viewing Roger's body crushed under its weight.
    Droopy: (Completely deadpan) Gruesome. Isn't it, folks?

Roller Coaster Rabbit

  • Baby Herman trying to get his red balloon from under a bull and accidentally grabbing its testes.
  • Roger's reaction to being at the peak of the rollercoaster high over the earth.
    Roger: Jeepers, that was close. But I caught!!!!!
  • Jessica's cameo, roped to the coaster tracks.
    Jessica: (breathy and bored) Save me. Save me.
    Roger: What!?
    Jessica: SAVE ME!!!
    • The way the ropes are tied around the top and bottom of her boobs to allow for some "convenient" gainaxing.
    • Followed afterward by Droopy's cameo in Dastardly Whiplash attire.
    Droopy: Curses, foiled again.
  • "That was bracing!"
  • Roger's head shrinking from the darts stuck in his head with his voice getting higher and higher:
    (With a teeny tiny head) "I've got a headache! But it's just a little one!"

Trail Mix-Up