Funny: Robots

  • Fender beating up Gasket's mooks to the tune of Britney Spears. Hit me baby, one more time!
  • Fender moons a Sweeper, when his back hatch falls off, spilling spare parts. The Sweeper takes offense (or detects the sudden loose parts clattering around) and starts backing toward him, while he frantically tries to collect everything.
  • "Oh, they brought it back." The capper to the entire crazy Crosstown Express sequence.
  • Ratchett begging. "No wait please listen to me, you cant do this to me. This job is my LIFE! It means everything to me! You don't KNOW WHAT I'VE DONE TO GET HERE !! THE LIES I'VE TOLD, THE LIVES I'VE RUINED!!!!!"
    • "...This isn't helping me."
    • Ratchet: No wait, please can't I just make one more heartfelt plea?
    Bigweld: Okay, what did you wanna say?
    Ratchet: (knocks Bigweld out with intercom mic) THAT! (pause) Oh my Gosh, I'm as crazy as my mother! *beat* *hits him again*
  • When Rodney and Fender do arm pit farts. We cue to the outside of the house as each window lights up as Crank an Piper join in.
    Crank: Hey guys? What're you three years old? This is how a man does it (does his arm pit fart; Piper's window lights up)
    Piper: You guys are so gross...Besides this is how you do it! (*arm fart*; Aunt Fan's window lights up)
    Aunt Fan: Hey kids! Get a load of this!
    (Near Earth-Shattering Kaboom roars out from the top floor, shaking everything nearby)
    Piper: Aunt Fan! We were using our arms!
    Aunt Fan: Oh! Sorry!
    Piper: Eww!
    (Nearby street-lamp bot abruptly keels over)
    Street-Lamp bot: Lady! Please! See a doctor!
  • Rodney trying desperately to fix a stunned Bigweld on the run while trying to dodge Ratchet at the same time. When he opens up Bigweld's head, his brain was a little miniature V-8 car engine.
    • "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands."
    • Rodney asking Bigweld if he's ok.
    Rodney Copperbottom: Mr. Bigweld, are you okay?
    Rodney Copperbottom: I'll take that as a "no".
  • Fender trying to tell the others (though Rodney already knows) who is behind everything.
    Fender: Hey, guys! The sweepers! They're rounding up all the outmodes! Not them, us! And you'll never guess who's behind it all!
    Rodney Copperbottom: Ratchet.
    Fender: Go on, guess. Come on, I ran all this way in cha-cha heels! Go ahead, take a stab!
    Rodney Copperbottom: Ratchet!
    Fender: Ratchet!
  • When Rodney sarcastically remarks an angry mob will soon show up after Bigweld goes missing, one actually does run past. This causes Fender to want Rodney to make another "prediction".
    Fender: Wow! That was great, psychic friend! Now say, "Money should be falling from the sky!" [Beat] Say it. [sobbing] Say it!
  • Every damned time Ratchet Screams Like a Little Girl. Special mention goes to when Bigweld rolls into his office and yells his name. He screeches, drops the intercom mic and scrambles into Bigweld's chair. Never fails to get a laugh.
  • Diesel imitating Piper when she yells at Jack Hammer
  • Ratchet and his father:
    Ratchet: Bye dad!
    Ratchet's dad: Bye son! Good luck with your dastardly plan!
  • "I've told you over and over, 'Don't talk to strange men.' Thank you, Manuel."
    • "I talk to you. Who's stranger than that?"
  • Everything with Bigweld's Ball, especially their ruse to sneak inside, and Fender hitting it off with Loretta Geargrinder.
    Loretta: Anyone dressed as badly as you, must be an eccentric billionaire.
  • When Gasket sees Ratchet to discuss the repairing of outmodes
    Madame Gasket: Someone's fixing them!
    Ratchet: What?
    Madame Gasket: Someone is repairing outmodes! And they are laughing at you!
    Ratchet: Who? And are you sure they're not laughing with me?
    Madame Gasket (completely deadpan): Yes.
  • When Rodney's parents find him at the train station,
    Lydia: There you are! I told you I'd find him. It's a mother's instinct!
    Herb: What "instinct"? He left us a note: "I'm leaving. I'll be at the train station"!
  • When Fender pulls the lever showing everyone's rooms;
    • First he barges into Piper putting makeup on.
    Fender: Ya missed a spot!
    Piper: (shrieks!) Fender! Get outta my room!
    Fender: I'm not in your room! (pokes his foot in the doorway) I am now! Now I'm not. In! Out! In! Out! (repeatedly pokes his foot in and out of the doorway)
    Crank: Oh Man, this is my third oil change today! Something's wrong with me!
    Fender: (chuckles sheepishly) Sorry!
    • Then when Fender finally shows Rodney his room.
    Fender: Home sweet home. What's mine is yours!
    (his arms fall off)
    Fender: Oh dear.
    Rodney: I'll get them
    Fender: Oh look at that Now they're arm-wrestling... (Cue Fender's arms literally wrestling each other) Could you please separate them? Hurry! My backside itches!
  • Rodney waking up to Fender attempting to steal his feet. "If I seem to be getting smaller... its because...I"M RUNNING!" (Does just that)
  • There is apparently a name for the bird Rodney uses as a signal during the Bigweld Ball:
    Fender: That is the cry of the deep doo-doo bird! I must fly!
  • Fender, Lug and Crank chanting "Road Trip!" inside Bigweld's car.