Funny / RoboCop (1987)

  • It is an absolute guilty-pleasure to laugh at an arrogant bully and sociopath like Clarence Boddicker crying and screaming like a little girl for RoboCop to stop throwing him through plate-glass windows.... While reading him his undeserved Miranda Rights.
    Boddicker: WHAT IS THIS SHIIIIIIIIIT?!?!?! *tossed*
    • And then when he's finally brought to RoboCop's precinct, the first thing he does at the reception desk is spit blood on the paperwork.
      Boddicker: Just give me my fucking phone call.
  • RoboCop bending the convenience store robber's gun barrel a full 90 degrees.
  • Trying to pursue RoboCop, ED-209 falls down a flight of stairs and throws a temper tantrum. Helpfully, his programmers taught him to squeal like a pig when he can't get up.
  • The many, many satirical commercials.
  • Blasting the ED-209 outside OCP HQ. RoboCop walks away from the apparently intact ED-209, the camera gradually zooming out to reveal just the legs staggering around drunkenly for a few moments.
  • The attempted rape scene: "Your move, creep!"
  • The hostage situation scene at City Hall is funny. RoboCop tells the negotiator to keep Miller talking while he's going upstairs to take him down. The moment is when Miller demands a new car on the city's dime, specifically "something with reclining leather seats, that goes really fast and gets really shitty gas mileage!" The negotiator suggests the 6000 SUX, and even offers to throw in a Blaupunktnote  if Miller lets the mayor go. There's a Brick Joke: we see a commercial in which an uncanny T-Rex chases terrorized civilians through a city street. Then its eyes pop out with a cartoony sound effect when it sees a big 6000 SUX, "An American Tradition!" and then on the bottom of the screen, we see the text "8.2 MPG".
  • After ED-209 malfunctions horribly wrong and blasts Kinney to death, the Old Man quips, "Dick...I'm very disappointed."
  • When Robo is with children and interviewed by a TV reporter:
    Reporter: Robo, excuse me, Robo, any special message for all the kids watching at home?
    RoboCop: Stay out of trouble. (children aren't very happy to hear that)
  • When RoboCop shoots Jones out the window, Johnson jumps up with this huge smile and gives Robo a thumbs up.
  • The best example of Black Comedy in the entire film: When ED-209 malfunctions during a demonstration and shoots a hapless board member to death. And then continues to shoot up his lifeless body. When the programmers finally manage to unplug it, Morton gives us this gem:
    Bob Morton: Somebody want to call a goddamn paramedic? Let's go, Johnson!
    • In-universe, of course, the scene is utterly horrifying and traumatising to everyone in the room. But to the audience? The overly deep voice, the panicking executives, the ridiculously long overkill, Kinney flopping about as he gets shot in the crotch several times while with an overly big hole in his chest, the boffins struggling with the motherboard and Kinney splashing ridiculous amounts of blood all over the pristine white model city is sheer Black Comedy.
  • In a blink and you'll miss it moment, we see that a board member has pissed himself in his hurry to leave the bathroom prior to Bob Morton's confrontation with Dick Jones at the sinks.
  • During a riot after the cops go on strike, Emil is just casually drinking some whiskey and watching a TV through the window of an electronics store, ironically acting better behaved than the rioters. When some of the rioters toss a newspaper box through the window of another store, Emil actually reacts in shock at the noise before deciding "Screw it", throws his bottle at the window, before knocking enough out with a crowbar to turn on the volume and continue watching the show.
  • When Robo confronts Leon Nash after finding out his true identity. Nash tries and fails to fight him when he demands to know where Clarence Boddicker is, and ends up getting dragged by his hair to an unknown location. His hammy screaming during it all makes it all the more funny. Though one has to wonder what Robo did offscreen to make him talk.
    • The best part of it is when Nash pulls a gun on Robo, who swats it out of his hand and into the crowd of dancers at the club. Some random guy catches it and continues to dance like nothing happened.
    • Then, in a classic example of digging yourself deeper, Leon tries to kick Robo in the nuts. Which he doesn't have. Because that area is now made of a kevlar/titanium laminate. The result is very predictable.
  • "Dick! You're fired!"
    Robocop: Thank you!
  • "Bitches, leave!"
    • It gets better - Paul Verhoeven is Dutch, and his DP Jost Vacano is German. They both spoke good English, but had yet to fully grasp American idioms. According to Kurtwood Smith (Boddicker) and Miguel Ferrer (Morton), Verhoeven and Vacano did not realise how pejorative the term "bitches" was, and proceeded to block out the entire scene while referring to (and addressing!) the actresses as "Bitches". The ladies took it in their stride professionally, but both Smith and Ferrer admit to rolling on the floor and howling with laughter.
  • The font used in the 6000 SUX ad can look like it's saying GOOD SUX. Yeah, Being Good Sucks in Detroit in this franchise.