Funny / Road Rovers

  • This little bit from Episode 2 "Storm From The Pacific," after Shag accidentally blows the front of the Rover's helicopter open in the middle of a firefight with a bazooka he was pointing the wrong way:
    Hunter: See, this is precisely the reason they don't normally give bazookas to dogs.
  • The Road Rovers' submarine from the same episode in general, built to maneuver by dog-paddling, complete with robotic canine limbs.
  • "Wanna biscuit?" "TANKS!" "You're welcome..." "NO, '''TANKS'''!"
  • When their masters have been hypnotized into starting a world war, the Rovers have to stop them as normal dogs. When Shag's master is giving a code to launch missiles, Shag stops him by jumping on him and licking him in the face, resulting in this line:
    Shag's Master: Doggy breath!
    Commander on Phone: Doggy Breath? I'm afraid that's not part of the code, sir.
  • When they're captured by natives in the Amazon and there are shouts of "Kill the monsters!"
    Blitz:: I am not a monster!
    Tribal leader:: Are you a six foot talking dog-man?
    Blitz:: Yes.
    Leader: Close enough.
  • "Take Me To Your Leader's" unexpected audio cameo from The Brain.