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Funny: Rifftrax Video Games
Funny moments from the Rifftrax of video games.
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     Gears of War 3 

     Mega Man 8 
  • Mega Man: Dr. Light, how's it going? Will he be okay?
    Mike: Today's episode: "Mega Man hits a Wino With His Car"!
  • This exchange:
    Mega Man: But where is Dr. Wiley?
    Dr. Light: That's a good question.
    Kevin: Another good question: Why is Mega Man voiced by a grade-school girl?

     Final Fantasy X 
  • When Yuna tries getting Tidus to laugh out loud:
    Yuna: Come on, show me!
    Bill (as Yuna): Shouldn't be hard! Just look down at what you're wearing.
  • Yuna: You probably shouldn't laugh anymore.
    Someone as Yuna: And while you're at it, maybe cut out breathing and all other life functions as well?

     Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 
  • "He died from having a really stupid nose."
  • Before Elise kisses Sonic to bring him back to life.
    Elise: Sonic, come back. To me... to us!
    Mike (as Elise): Disgrace your once-proud franchise with one more terrible game before you die.
  • When Elise kisses Sonic:
    Kevin: And God smote them for their unholy woman-hedgehog sexy time.
  • "Braaaaaaaaaains..."

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