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Funny moments from the Rifftrax of video games, Peanuts comic strips, and other miscellaneous riffing opportunities.
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    Video Games 
  • Gears Of War 3

  • Mega Man 8
    • Mega Man: Dr. Light, how's it going? Will he be okay?
      Mike: Today's episode: "Mega Man hits a Wino With His Car"!
    • This exchange:
      Mega Man: But where is Dr. Wily?
      Dr. Light: That's a good question.
      Kevin: Another good question: Why is Mega Man voiced by a grade-school girl?

  • Final Fantasy X
    • When Yuna tries getting Tidus to laugh out loud:
      Yuna: Come on, show me!
      Bill (as Yuna): Shouldn't be hard! Just look down at what you're wearing.
    • Yuna: You probably shouldn't laugh anymore.
      Mike (as Yuna): And while you're at it, maybe cut out breathing and all other life functions as well.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
    • "He died from having a really stupid nose."
    • Before Elise kisses Sonic to bring him back to life.
      Elise: Sonic, come back. To me... to us!
      Mike (as Elise): Disgrace your once-proud franchise with one more terrible game before you die.
    • When Elise kisses Sonic:
      Kevin: And God smote them for their unholy woman-hedgehog sexy time.
    • "Braaaaaaaaaains..."

  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    • When a soldier catches Johnny Sasaki (aka Akiba) going to the bathroom in a barrel:
    Soldier: Who's there?
    Akiba: G-Go away! I'm not done yet!
    Mike (as Akiba) I had some bad sushi and now I'm shooting fish in the barrel if you get my drift.
    • When the barrel reveals Akiba, and he farts...
    Bill: Oh, it's that superhero, Able-To-Crap-With-His-Pants-On Man!
    • After Akiba gets caught relieving himself in a barrel, Snake proceeds to inspect it.
      Bill: Nick Nolte's real estate agent checks out an exciting new prospect.
      Mike (as Old Snake): ...Getting too old for this sh*t... [Laughs] I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. But seriously, I just put my whole head into some weapons-grade fecal stink and should be hospitalized immediately.

     The Complete Peanuts 1995- 1996 

     National Geographic Total Riff Off 

Killer Shrimp N' Friends

  • During the segment about Marley, the untrainable, thong-swallowing dog.
    Mom: My daughter called to me saying, "Mom! Mom! Something's wrong with Marley!"
    Mike: She's behaving!
  • The crew react at the horrifying habits of koalas.
    Bill: So they're a ball of diarrhea, wrapped in chlamydia? Still no different than David Spade.
  • During the first segment about the mantis shrimp:
    "The mantis shrimp is the little Joe Pesci of the animal kingdom."
    Mike: He carries a shine box.

Demon Bat

  • The whole setup even without the riffing as Richard Terry tries to come off as some kind of action hero on a grandiose adventure gives the riffers plenty of material to work with.
  • When announced that a mysterious bat-like creature was terrorizing a Central American village.
    Kevin: That's just Christian Bale getting in character.
  • Richard Terry: He described the bat as big as a vulture and having huge black beady eyes.
    Kevin: It sounds like he was describing Gary Busey.
  • Bill: The only flying demon was the huge loogy he hocked up!
  • The Running Gag of Richard Terry overhyping creatures.
    Bill: Birds, or as I call them, Mayan Beak Demons!
    Kevin: (on a snake) A wingless monster bat!
  • Richard Terry: I'm trying to find something frightening with large eyes that would frighten the local populace.
    Kevin: You know, something that would cause a billionaire orphan to wear tights and fight crime.
  • Mike: I was just decapitated by a huge demon bat! Oh, wait, I just hit my head on the bathroom stall door.
  • After Richard Terry describes his sweat combining with bat guano to form "a lovely, thick guano soup".
    Mike: Okay, now the program has become truly scary.
  • Richard Terry: I wanted to learn more about vampire bats.
    Mike: So I read a book called Twilight.
  • On a shock-cut to a close-up of a grinning bat:
    Mike: (as bat) Hi. Now I'm in your dreams forever!
    • Earlier there's another shock-cut bit:
    Richard Terry: They believe that there are good bats that protect the village and demon bats that attack them.
    (shock-cut to a grinning bat)
    Kevin: (high-pitched voice) I'm the good bat!
  • Near the end of the show, we're introduced to "one of the world's foremost experts on vampire bats."
    Kevin: Whom they really should have hired in the first place instead of Our Host.
  • Translating what a local is really telling Terry: "Do... something else... with... your life."
  • Noting the oddity of Richard's quest:
    Richard: I'm searching the caves of Mexico for a monster bat...
    Bill: (deadpan) As one does.

Guy and a Goose

  • On an old man's relationship with a goose named Maria:
    Kevin: Even Joaquin Phoenix's character in Her thinks this relationship is kinda pathetic.
  • On finding out Maria is actually Mario.
    Kevin: The goose's hatred of Koopas should have been a clue.
  • The entire Running Gag of the legend that is PAUL!
  • On a cocker spaniel named Bullwinkle that specializes in finding cadavers.
    Bill: Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a cadaver out of my hat!
  • Dog Trainer: (holding human foot) I'm gonna bury it. I'm gonna put it in some rubble...
    Mike: That's what Fred Flintstone said during his affair with Betty.
  • Several riffs on the fact that they have actual human remains on hand to test the dog with:
    Bill: "I notice that they're still not addressing the question where these remains are coming from."
    • When they first announce that they'll be using human remains, Bill gives a startled "Huh?"
  • Slow-motion close-up of a barking Malinois:
    Kevin: I'm from Hell!

Man V. Monster

  • Richard Terry: It's just... thick brown soup down there.
    Mike: Welcome to "Some Guy Says Vaguely Gross Phrases"!
  • As Richard talks ominously about his search.
    Kevin: AAAH, A MONSTER!!! Oh, wait, that's just a small weed.
  • Kevin: Man V. Common Species just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  • "Richard Terrry summed up in five seconds:"
    Richard: "There's something black floating past us!" (horror sting, dramatic zoom) "That's a log."
  • While Richard is fishing for catfish:
    Kevin: "Only Richard Terry would talk about being in the 'firing line' of a catfish."
  • They laugh at how it apparently took an old Thai woman weeks to realize that her foot had become necrotic.
    Bill: "Tough old bird!"

Animals Behaving Badly

  • A snake suddenly lands on a car hood while it's driving down a highway.
    Narrator: Sometimes they find themselves starring in an unofficial sequel to Snakes on a Plane.
    Bill: But with much higher production values.
  • On raccoons.
    Narrator: They don't make good pets.
    Bill: But they do make Guardians of the Galaxy, however.
  • As a turtle humps a workman's boot.
    Mike: (as turtle) Yeah, call me Dr. Scholl, baby!
  • After numerous disgusting and disturbing clips, we cut to an obviously heavily pregnant elephant:

     San Francisco Sketchfests 
Sketchfest 2016
  • The Trouble With Women:
    • Bill impersonating Brad and ending the short with, "Fine, I'll just go invent GamerGate!"
  • Dining Together
    • Before the short begins, Adam Savage talks about the papier-mâché turkey he made for Thanksgiving as a kid. When he presented it to the family, he made the alien burst from its chest.
  • David and Hazel: Part 1
    • The Running Gag of David's ham-fisted line, "What do you think we are, millionaires?!"
    • The short is so surreal that the whole thing becomes a Running Gag for the rest of the program.
  • One Got Fat
    • Kevin cursing out an audience member for spoiling the fact that Edward Everett Horton is the short's narrator.
    • Bill stating that the one thing to take out of the whole night is adding the phrase, "Monkey dismemberment boner," to your lexicon.
  • David and Hazel: Part 2
    • Hazel: David, I must speak with you-
      Mike: In Klingon.
    • Janet Varney's Running Gag of Hazel needing 35 minutes to order a sandwich. She continues to name ingredients even after the short ends!
  • Improving Your Pronunciation
    • Mike's joke of the skinny black teen looking like Steve Urkel.
    • The Running Gag of Bob being the Butt-Monkey of the group of teens.
    • Everyone going nuts when host Ned Blandford reveals he used a tape recorder to prove the girl pronounced nuclear as "nucular."
      Paul: You were taping me?! What the hell, Blandford?!
    • Responses to whenever Ned does quick turns and points at someone:
      Kevin: Shoot Bob! Shoot him now! He's the traitor!
      Paul: J'accuse!
  • Batman: Robin's Wild Ride
    • During some technical difficulties, the riffers have a bit of fun:
      • The comment that the dead footage is still faster than David and Hazel.
      • Mike telling the audience that there are keys to a new car under someone's seat and Kevin declaring they're really his and he lost them.
      • Kevin's describing what the audience is missing on his mini screen and Crosses the Line Twice by talking about how obscene the short is getting along with a Brick Joke talking about Hazel taking a dump on her neighbor's garden.

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