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Funny: Richard Dawkins
  • In part 3 of his Growing Up In The Universe, he begins by bringing out two types of insects that mimic twigs and dead leaves (or a scorpion!), to show the characteristics of disguise they've evolved. He goes to put them in a terrarium, but they really don't want to go in. Hilarity Ensues as they crawl behind his head, cling to his and his assistant's shirts, and generally do all they can to stay out of the box.
    Dawkins: Bryson and I are always doing double acts like this.
  • Whenever he reads his hate mails. He keeps all the profanities and spew them unapologetically with his posh accent.
    "(reading mail) 'I hope you get hit by a church van...' *cannot contain laughter*"
    • It's even funnier when his wife, the very well-spoken Lalla Ward note  reads his hate mail, again with swearing, on audiobook versions of his works.
  • After quoting Aquinas's theory that the denizens of hell will serve as a kind of entertainment for the believers in paradise: "Nice man!"
  • Half-way through this video, something happens.
  • The narration of The God Dellusion is full of dry humour, often of the Fridge Logic variety.
    George W. Bush claimed Jesus told him to invade Iraq. A shame then, that Jesus did not vouchsafe him a revelation that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

    The Pope attributed his survival to intervention by Our Lady of Fatima, "a maternal hand guided the bullet." One cannot help wondering why she didn't guide it to miss him altogether.

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