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Funny: Revan
  • Revan's line to Atris concerning his memory:
    Revan (exasperated): No, I don't remember. My memory has more hols in it than a Kaminoan sponge!
  • Just like much of the dialogue in the game implies, Revan does seem to be a Deadpan Snarker and a Troll who enjoys pissing other people off. For example, after Atris insulted him and Bastila, he responded by quoting the Jedi Code at her, implying that even as an ultra-traditionalist, she is not very good at keeping her emotions in check, resulted in her storming off. Then, when meeting Clan Ordo for the first time, he implied that their clan leader was all talk, which comes across as an epic troll considering how Mados hate diplomats.
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