* Benny's reaction to the group's "La Vie Boheme."
** When Benny reveals his wife didn't come to the show because their dog died. And then, Mark and Roger realize ''which'' dog it is. ''The one Angel killed for their Christmas celebrations.'' Accompanying faces from Collins (a silent "Shut the hell up, bitches") and Angel's face is just short of almost fake whistling like "I didn't do nothing." just pile on the hilarity
--->'''Roger:''' Why did Muffy -\\
'''Benny:''' ''Alison!''\\
'''Roger:''' - miss the show? \\
'''Benny:''' There was, there was a death in the family.\\
'''Angel:''' ''(innocently and genuinely)'' Who died? \\
'''Benny:''' Our akita. \\
'''Roger and Mark:''' ''(look at each other)'' Evita! ''(reactions from Angel, Collins, Mark and Roger)''
*** In both the movie and stageplay, EVERYONE says "EVITA!" as if not just Collins, Angel, Mark and Roger knew about it and in some productions, a random cast member will bark!
** "La Vie Boheme" in general is both SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic and a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}}.
--->'''Mark''': Mucho masturbation! *shrugs*
** Especially the "impromptu salon in honour of the death of Bohemia".
--->'''Mark''': And Roger will attempt to write a bittersweet, evocative song... *Roger starts playing Musetta's Waltz* ... That DOESN'T remind us of Musetta's Waltz.
** Especially Mark's capitulation of Mimi's contribution, which creates...quite the image.
--->'''Mark''': Mimi Marquez, clad only in bubble-wrap, will perform her famous lawn-chair handcuff dance to the sound of iced tea being stirred. ''(In the movie, Mimi's expression and pose as he says this is the icing on the cake)''
* The following exchange in "Life Support" when Mark goes to a Life Support meeting with Angel and Collins yet does not want the others to think he is HIV positive.
--->'''Mark''': Sorry, excuse me- oops!\\
'''Paul''': And you are?\\
'''Mark''': Oh, I'm not- I'm just here to- I don't have- I'm here with-- Maaaarkk, Mark! I'm Mark! Well, this is quite an operation.
* {{Adorkab|le}}ility Levels Rising: At the beginning of ''Tango: Maureen,'' Mark quickly advances on Joanne and spontaneously busts out with some of the most jarring, awkward dance moves imaginable. She looks startled and backs away slightly.
** Tango: Maureen is just one big CMOF with a hint of Heartwarming--Mark predicts and correctly guesses every move Maureen as pulled on Joanne (as it happened to him multiple times before) and essentially gives her an ear to air her grievances.
* Collins' OhCrap moment. "I may be detained."
-->"What does he mean? What do you mean 'detained'?"
* A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, during "Christmas Bells".
-->'''Collins''': '''That's my coat!'''
-->'''Saleswoman''': We give discounts.
* [[MindScrew "Over The Moon".]] That is all.
** In the movie version, Maureen puts on sunglasses at one point to emulate Benny, who then removes his own sunglasses with a nervous look.
* "Light My Candle" has some pretty funny moments, particularly:
-->'''Mimi''': Do you want to dance?
-->'''Roger''': With you?
-->'''Mimi''': With my father.
** Also:
---> '''Mimi''': They say that I have the best ass below 14th Street--is it true?
---> '''Roger''': What?
---> '''Mimi''': You're staring again...
---> '''Roger''': Oh no--I mean you do--have a ''nice''--I mean--
* In "Happy New Year B":
--> '''Angel''': My cat had a fall and I went through hell.
--> '''Benny''': It's like losing a...how did you know she fell?
* Collins' IncomingHam before "Today 4 U."
--> '''Collins''': MERRY CHRISTMAS, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch BITCHES!]]
* [[ItMakesSenseInContext "THERE WILL ALWAYS BE WOMEN IN RUBBER FLIRTING WITH ME!]] Give me a ''break''!"
* Collins's "whpp-ssh" whip noise when Mark agrees to go and fix the sound equipment for Maureen.
* Maureen's mom after "Take Me or Leave Me", in the movie verson.
-->"Maybe now you two can get back together."
* Towards the end of the stageplay, as Mark is preparing his projector and both him and Roger are celebrating Benny's wife pulling him away from anything having to with the East Village, the boys' power goes out again and they suspect she found out about Benny's affair with Mimi and wonder who told her and then Collins walks in, implying that ''he ratted Benny out''.
** Doubles as a CMA because Benny was really screwing Allison over, and someone needed to tell her.
* ''Christmas bells are ringing, christmas bells are ringing, christmas bells are ringing--'''somewhere else'''.''
* "Vampire welfare queens who are compulsive bowlers" Anyone?
* At the end of "La Vie Boheme", the camera pans across each of the couples dancing together, completely in the moment and loving it....and then Mark, completely rocking out on his own.
* Several RealLife examples in the DVD commentary:
--> [[ItMakesSenseInContext Christopher Columbus is the new Antichrist!]]
--> "Wanna see my tango pose?"
--> '''Adam Pascal''': Yeah, Roger has issues.
--> '''Anthony Rapp''': Big issues.
* In the movie: Mimi's reaction to Maureen and Joanne's fight in Take Me Or Leave Me - the only thing she was missing is a big box of popcorn!