Funny / Reign of Fire

  • The Star Wars re-enactment. The kids' reaction is priceless.
    • Best moment is when Quinn "cuts off" Creedy's hand. The kids start freaking out, causing Creedy to break character and show them that he's okay.
  • The following exchange between AJ (the radio man) and Barlow (the lookout).
    AJ: Barlow, I've got voices.
    Barlow: AJ, what are you smoking?
    AJ: I'm not kidding. Take a look.
    Barlow (checks the bird): She's not moving.
    AJ: Forget the bird, and use the scope, you wanker!
    • The sheer anger and frustration in AJ's voice is what makes the scene for me.
  • When the Brits party after killing the dragon that burned down their food supply. Van Zan was not amused.
  • Before facing off against the Alpha Male, everyone takes a shot from Van Zan's flask. Turns out it's full of water and it's just for show. "Keep it."
  • Many of Van Zan's scenes can be pretty funny. Mainly because they can sometimes, if not all, count as Narm or Narm Charm.
    Van Zan: (meaning the male dragon) Come on big boy!
  • "Let go of the wall. Let go...Let go!"