Funny: Reddit

  • Nearly any given comment thread.
  • wat
  • A lot of what _vargas_ says.
    • This is just the beginning (full comment here) of one of his longer comments:
      "As someone who has dropped more babies than I can remember (some were dropped while I was drunk, so an official tally is near impossible), allow me to alleviate some of the guilt you may be feeling. First off, babies aren't some delicate, fragile creatures whose lives are easily extinguished like the kitten my cousin Ronnie hugged too hard when we were kids. Babies are durable, like Crocs, and are designed by evolution to withstand all sorts of trauma."
  • geraffes are so dumb.
  • Whenever a Redditor makes a typo in their title and/or posts in the wrong subreddit
  • hwtahds the thd if then you could become one, who, when would you do?