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  • A lot of what _vargas_ says. He's built up a reputation for telling wild stories that at first seem relevant and believable but get progressively more bizarre as one continues reading.
    • This is just the beginning (full comment here) of one of his longer comments:
      "As someone who has dropped more babies than I can remember (some were dropped while I was drunk, so an official tally is near impossible), allow me to alleviate some of the guilt you may be feeling. First off, babies aren't some delicate, fragile creatures whose lives are easily extinguished like the kitten my cousin Ronnie hugged too hard when we were kids. Babies are durable, like Crocs, and are designed by evolution to withstand all sorts of trauma."
  • Any given comment from u/rogersimon10, anecdotes that start off fairly normally but always result in him getting beat up by his dad with jumper cables.
  • The Ultimate Pun, made by /u/dart22, which was such an amazing pun that it wasn't followed up by endless pun threads; everyone knew they'd never measure up.
    Redditor: Exactly... Ask Lexi Belle if she has any interest in philosophy. If she says yes, then ask her which philosophers she likes. Once you get her answer, strike up a conversation with the girl in your class about these very philosophers. This will get you laid.
    dart22: Isn't this putting Descartes before the whores?
  • /r/ThanksObama shut down. Why? Because Obama himself made a "Thanks, Obama" joke and the subreddit's moderators declared that they would never be able to top that and closed its doors permanently. Naturally, the top-rated comment in response to this is "/r/ThanksObama shut down? Thanks Obama."
  • One user accidentally changed his language preferences to Spanish, and asked how to undo it. A massive thread popped up to help him (including an admin). All in Spanish.
  • Watch the chaos unfold when you replace every instance of a personal pronoun in a song with "Greg".
  • Lil Jon's AMA, in which he answers every question in ALLCAPS.
    Redditor: Yo Lil Jon what's your favorite dinosaur?
    Lil Jon: BARNEY
  • r/SubredditSimulator, a fully-automated subreddit comprised of bots creating Markov-chained content based on submissions and/or comments from various subreddits. The result is either quite incomprehensible or pure hilarity. Case in point:
    aww_SS: Rescued a stray cat [picture of a dog]
    • One of the subreddit bots takes from r/totallynotrobots. As many have pointed out, it's a bot pretending to be a human pretending to be a bot pretending to be a human, with oft-funny results.
  • Probably the greatest Casual IAmA ever: ask a question, the OP answers it, and then the asker changes the original question to make it as embarassing/hilarious as possible.
  • /r/contagiouslaughter features videos of hilarious moments which almost always involve the people in the video laughing as well. There is a reason this subreddit is called contagious laughter.
  • The drunkest AMA where the OP answers questions that he asked himself.note 
    Redditor: This is a true IAMA: I Ask Myself Anything.
  • The CW show Arrow has (according to its fans) declined so rapidly that r/Arrow's users converted it into a forum about the Marvel Daredevil television series... which already has a subreddit (r/Defenders).
    "Welcome to /r/arrow, the best place for the next three months to discuss everyone's favorite street-level vigilante, Daredevil!"
    • The subreddit's Top All-time most upvoted thread is a picture of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast, with a very long discussion of how good AoS has become.
    • They're not the first subreddit to do something like this. After the much reviled eighth season of Dexter, someone posted a discussion about an episode of Breaking Bad that aired around the same time on r/Dexter. It quickly caught on with everyone with even the mods getting in on it, to the point of having the sub getting a new CSS. It's currently the second highest upvoted post of all time on that subreddit, even to this day.
  • In an AMA of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, user Loate ended his question in a RickRoll. This would just be normal Reddit silliness if Loate wasn't Chris Kluwe, punter for the Minnesota Vikings, essentially mocking his own boss.
  • /r/JesusChristReddit is the epitome of Crosses the Line Twice, showcasing Reddit comments that just make you go "I shouldn't be laughing at this, but I can't stop."
  • If you order /r/grilledcheese by Top All-Time, the first post is a rant with over 25 000 upvotes and 11 gold titled "you people make me sick" explaining that anything with more than bread, spread (usually butter), and cheese is a melt and doesn't belong on the subreddit. The second post is a hideous grilled cheese sandwich made by an airport Tim Hortons tagged NSFW\NSFL\Gore. The third post, made after the first, is titled "open faced grilled cheese with tomato sauce", and is blatantly a pizza still resting in its box. Also high on the list: a repost of the same pizza, and a cheeseburger made to appease the author of the rant.
  • /r/redditintensifies, and the Screen Shake to go with the intensification.
  • r/modalltheusers is pure chaos because anyone can be a moderator.
  • In /r/leagueoflegends during 2014, an AMA was held with TSM Bjergsen, one of the most popular professional players, and a fan made an utterly gargantuan post with several questions, which not only did Bjergsen answer in full, but also received tons of guildings from redditors. In response, another redditor posted "If he gets 400 gildings I'll eat a dick." It proceeded to gain 421. The result? OP delivered in on his promise, posting a video of himself eating a bull penis.
  • /r/Stormfront, which is devoted to meteorology and tracking the weather. And trolling white supremacists and neo-Nazis looking for the official subreddit for the notorious Stormfront message board, complete with a logo that not-so-subtly parodies theirs. (Displays of bigotry, for the record, are strictly banned on /r/Stormfront.)
  • Redditor u/BurritoW4rrior made a wondrous pun on a picture showing how similar Adam Jensen and a scene from Logan look, with the key difference being a lack of cigar in Logan.
    BurritoW4rrior: Close... but no cigar.
  • I'm 3, I know everything, AMA is Exactly What It Says on the Tin: users ask questions that the OP poses to his toddler son. Bonus points for another user later on asking her own three-year-old daughter some of the same questions and getting different (but still ridiculous) answers.