Funny / Red Tails

  • Lightning's mechanics berating him for damaging their plane... again.
    ''*after extracting part of a locomotive from Lightning's plane* Did somebody throw a train at you!?"
  • Lightning blowing a kiss to Pretty Boy in much the same manner as he had earlier to Sofia in the beginning of the film. After he and his friends trashed Pretty Boy's base in an air raid.
    • And Pretty Boy's response to seeing a black pilot flying one of the planes that did so much damage to his base:
    The American pilots are African!
  • Sofia's mother inviting Lightning to sit with Sofia. Then, after a moment's thought, separating them and sitting in the middle.
  • From the beginning sequence:
    "How you gonna explain [the plane damage] to Coffee?"
    "By explaining to him I'm the one who blew up the train."
  • When the bombers invite the Red Tails to drink with them, they get into a conversation about how they don't like being called "colored".
    Smokey: When you get upset, when you get mad, you turn red right? When you get envious or sick, you turn green. When you become cowardly, you turn yellow. And y'all got the nerve to call us colored?