Funny / Red Sonja

The film

  • Kalidor and Sonja's first fight to see if he can Best Her to Bed Her... ends in a draw; as does their second one. Also, to increase the potential irony, it turns out they've both made a vow something like this. (Of course, considering his smiling teasing of her when he learns of her vow, it's possible he's joking, and just wants to do a rematch.)
  • While the movie version is obviously not universally beloved, one can always get a kick out of Prince Tarn.
    Prince Tarn: Boy? Boy!?
    • One of the Prince's best moments was near the begining of the film.
    Prince Tarn: My army ran away. Do they want to live forever? I refused to surrender.
    Falkon: So she knocked down the other half.
  • Falkon is usually always good for a laugh too.
    Falkon: Your Highness, this pearl may BELONG to somebody.
    Prince Tarn: It does! And he wants it NOW!
    • It's amazing, the things that man willingly puts up with.
  • Gotta love the part just after Sonja helps Tarn and Falkon out of a jam.
    Prince Tarn: Reward her, and tell her who l am.
    Falkon: His Royal Highness, the Prince Tarn, Great Lord of Hablok... Keeper of the spotless throne... Great elephant who fertilizes the world with his...
    Prince Tarn: I told you never to say THAT!
  • During the fight with Brytag:
    Brytag: I shall feed your eyes to the birds, red-hair!
    Sonja: I don't need eyes to find you. I can smell you from a hundred paces.
  • Tarn standing there, barely looking away in disgust, as Ikol gets crushed.

The Comic Book

  • In issue #4 of Gail Simone's run, after Sonja, who has exiled herself after contracting the plague, is found by Ayla and Nias:
    Sonja: Did you remember to bring...
    Ayla: Yes, mistress? Food? Weapons? Anything you ask!
    Sonja: Alcohol, you idiots.
    • Although Sonja has been banished, humiliated, and is suffering terribly from plague, (actually poison) and has seen many friends and good men die, she remains remarkably stoic and level headed throughout her ordeal. That all changes when she hears about the recent prohibitionů
    Nias: My humble apologies glorious one, but our cruel overlord has forbidden all places of revelry so that we may spend our time in contemplation and prayer instead.
    Sonja: You mean they CLOSED THE SUNDERED BOAR?!

    • Also, from that same series;
    Ayla: (boasting) We have killed hundreds!
    Sonja: (unimpressed) Men, were they?
    Ayla: (sheepishly) Well... rabbits, actually.
    Nias: They were BIG rabbits...
    Sonja (facepalms) This does not bode well