Funny / Red Hood and the Outlaws

  • Jason's origin story is the feature of #0. When the tale reaches his resurrection via Lazarus Pit, the final line pokes fun at the original Superboy Prime Reality-Punch explanation.
    Jason's Narration: That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    • The whole story is presented with a certain degree of Gallows Humor.
    Jason: *is born*
  • If you like Roy's sense of humor he can be absolutely hilarious when he actually lets the jokes fly.
  • For some people this situation in one of the first issues:
    The Outlaws enter a creepy dark corridor.
    Starfire lampshades how creepy it is and says it's probably a trap.
    Roy and Jason being... themselves brush it off and make fun of her for being afraid.
    Cue trap Kori was right
  • Simon's Heel–Face Turn reveal, both Jason and Roy look done for and then Simon hugs Jason.