Funny / Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld

  • The entire episode where Gavin McInnes appeared as his Scottish father, Jimmy. He wore a suit made from tartan, played up the Violent Glaswegian stereotype, and was such a Large Ham that it had everyone in the studio in stitches. At one point, Greg had to take a few seconds to recover.
    • Hell, any appearance by one of Gavin McInnes' alter egos is going to bring the house down. For instance, his soft-spoken Straw Liberal alter ego Miles McInnes said all kinds of things that just oozed Refuge in Audacity.
  • Bill Schulz's man on the street segments continue to be some of the greatest moments in Red Eye, but particular mention goes to Bill's visit to Bronycon. Between Bill weirding out the show's voice actors, to the flat-out bizarre people he found to interview, it's a Red Eye classic.

Certain guests are prone to go on long, bizarre rants often end up only tangentially related to the original story:

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    Greg Proops 
  • On Barney:
    Well, just look at the thirty-somethings who grew up with Barney. The Huff-Po blogging, hybrid-van driving, trader Joe's wholefood nation Obama-bots out there, and their self-induglent ways and their baby-hating, abortion-killing swirling vortex of gay celebrity they've created. I love you, you love me, that's not how the world works, you're in New York. I do the same thing with my neighboors, actually,I play loud music, but I play Enya, and Sharday, and Dido. I spa them out. They scrub themselves to death with a mixture of rosemary-mint gluttenpuff licorice ocolot scrub.

    Kevin Godlington 
  • When asked if a woman's "Green" philosophy is important to dating her:
    Absolutely not. What I'm slightly perturbed by is the fact that we've lost the traditional sense of online dating where sort of perv on each other, they put up photoshopped photos of their genitals, you go on your first date and you get your throat cut and you get raped. All that traditional nastiness that was associated with the way online dating should be. And now we've got this "Eco-friendly", "save-a-whale" carbon offset scam; it's crap! I mean, the only way to do this is to take all these people, compost them - compost all of them. It's good for the environment. And we can grow shit.
  • About an ad director partially blaming the fact that George W. Bush being president as part of the reason an ad with a bare breast was censored:
    First of all, I'm not in New Zealand. Secondly, I'm not in Europe, I'm in Great Britain. There's very very clear difference. Whilst I'm all for seeing the nipple on the end of the breast because I don't believe a breast is naked unless you can see the nipple, I do think this Fabien dude or whatever he's called should be taken out and...probably murdered. I don't see why it's got anything to do with the President of the United States. Yes, we have a much more liberal look at nudity in the UK, and of course the other bits in Europe, and we don't have a problem with it. You can see nipples during the lunchtime news and penises after 6 o'clock. Everyone's got a penis if you're a boy and everyone's got a breast if you're a girl, so I don't see the big deal.