Funny: Rayman

aka: Rayman Origins

Rayman 2

  • The Teensies all arguing over which one of them is the king. In the end, they simply pass the crown around at regular intervals, since even they aren't sure who the king is.
  • Rayman climbing inside a plant to sneak into a Pirate Base is funny enough, but even better is what happens when their scanner detects him:
    Pirate: It's okay everyone, it's just a big-nosed bush.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

  • The Knaaren occasionaly make threats during gameplay. Sometimes it's a legitimate threat but other times...
    Make him write bad checks!
  • Murfy has some good ones, particularly when he breaks the fourth wall. Probably the best however, is...
    Murfy: I was told that after Rayman 2 I'd be cast as a tormented artist who falls in love with a girl with great, big...eyes. And here I am, still playing the lowly sidekick. Sheesh!
  • YMMV on this, but some of the Teensie doctors can be pretty funny at times.
  • Globox falling for an obvious trap, simply because there was LITERALLY a cardboard cut-out of a girl in a bikini.
  • Most of Razoff's quotes.
    Razoff: You will be perfect in my living room... STUFFED AND MOUNTED ON MY WALL!!!
  • Although the final boss is pretty tense, the following exchange definitely helps the mood:
    André: Wow, Reflux, you're so big, and strong!
    Reflux: Yes, Andy.
    André: With the power of the Leptys, I will have enough energy to reproduce... infinitely! (Evil Laugh)
    Reflux: Yes, Andy.
    André: "Yes, Andy. Yes, Andy." Can't you say anything else?!
    Reflux: NO, ANDY.
  • The unlockable bonus "lessons" on how to kick Rayman.
  • Many of André's interactions with Globox while in the latter's stomach, such as after you defeat Hoodstomper:
    Globox: Did you see that, Rayman? I almost wasn't scared!
    André: Yeah, and you almost didn't wet yourself. You disgust me!

Rayman Origins

  • In the first trailer, when Rayman and Globox meet, they become friends by slapping and punching each other. Also, during a fight with a golem Globox latches onto the side of its head with his teeth and starts slapping his eye.
  • The scene in the intro in which Rayman realizes he's holding a skull in his hand, then screams in a high-pitched voice, then everyone else starts screaming, including the skull.
  • During the final boss, the Magician, who actually turns out to be evil, falls over as his hat falls off. He takes a look at it, and then starts dancing, a la the original game. He gets Rayman and friends to follow suit, and just as the number is over, the Magician speeds off, and those present have a "Wait, shit" look on their faces. It Makes Sense in Context.

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Rayman 2, Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc, Rayman Origins