Funny / Rational Wiki

  • Their Moderation'sofficial logo is A boot stamping on a human face - forever
  • Their article on Jack Chick.
    • To add to the hilarity, for awhile, Rational Wiki acknowledged the Funny Moment and linked back to this page in a sort of Wiki high-five.
  • As is the "article" for the Largely defensive weapon of gun.
  • Although they didn't originate it, the Lenski Affair is always good for a laugh.
  • Their article on balls is one huge Funny Moment.
  • From their page on gurus:
    Basically, if the guru is just some slightly weird guy that has some good sense about something, someone who can give good tips on living or is just good at fixing things, then he is fine. If he is telling you to drink Kool-Aid mixed with bleach so that you can rise as a warrior angel for the war with the Flying Spaghetti Monster against Slenderman and his army of demonic Bronies... Either you run or you're on some kind of hallucinogen.
  • From their page on Stigmata, describing a painting of Saint Francis being granted the marks:
  • Their page on the Ku Klux Klan is a hilarious lampshade hanging on the fact that the Klan today is little more than a bunch of pathetic idiots with egos that need to get a life. And the whole time they keep making deliberately bad jokes by replacing usage of the letter "c" with "k".
    "They should get a KLUE and KLOSE their doors for good."
  • Their article for Todd Akin (aka. the "Legitimate Rape" guy), presents the theory that Akin is secretly a chicken in disguise.
  • From the Dungeons & Dragons article, about Moral Guardians:
    "The difference between Gygax and those who believed he promoted Satanism was that when Gygax pretended to be a righteous crusader against evil, he knew it was all in his head."
  • Their article on the Banana Argument and its Unfortunate Implications
  • The article on the English-only Movement is written almost entirely in any language other than English, including binary, LOLCAT, Braille, Klingon, Morse Code, and American Sign Language.
  • From the page on Big Science, a term used to paint science as a powerful lobby "in an attempt to characterise current consensus within the scientific community as being oppressive towards the 'small science'":
    [Small Science is] Done by local Mom and Pop laboratories, which had been part of your community, passed down from parents to children for over 150 years before being forced out when that big-box chain synchrotron moved in just outside the town limits. Sure, their proton-proton collisions are a little cheaper (mostly because their protons are imported from who-knows-where in China), but do they know your name? Or remember your children's birthdays? I didn't think so.
  • The Larry Craig article, with the article repeatedly stating how he's not gay.
    • Ditto the article about the similarly heterosexual Ted Haggard (who also isn't gay).
  • The clickbait-y headings in the article about clickbait. Even the page itself is titled "This page on clickbait written by a local mom will change your life!!!"
  • The description of Newt Gingrich as "the only amphibian to have ever served in Congress".
  • The "Leaving and never coming back" article. "There is no need to be upset."
    • This paragraph.
      A particularly grandiose LANCB is often referred to as a flounce. The word can also be a verb, as in "user Tyranny_of_Evil_Women flounced out of the forum, but he was back three days later posting as AgentLemon." If accompanied by a particularly emotional farewell speech, this is also known as a Grand Staircase Exit.
  • From the Ted Nugent article:
    Ted homeschooled at least one of his children for a a while, further . ... proving . . .... that . . ..... if . . . . . . .........errrr?
  • The page image for the "Pissgate" article — an out-of-context photo of Donald Trump being showered with a clear yellow liquid.
    • The caption: "Yellow journalism?"
  • The article on Richard Spencer, essentially mocking him for his repeated claims of not being a Neo-Nazi despite many, many quotes to the contrary.
    "Because he's definitely not a Nazi. He's a not-Nazi, see. (Not-zi for short)."
  • This whole page on Machismo!
  • The article about Marmite. The caption for the photo deserves special mention.
    Marmite, believe it or not, is shipped around in bulk liquid delivery lorries. So this lorry contains perhaps nine thousand gallons of the delicious black salty goo, which may or may not be corroding its way through the thick steel of the tanker in this photograph.