Funny / Ratatouille

  • Talon's line after it's confirmed that Linguini's Gusteau's illegitimate heir.
    Talon: I had to send it back to confirm it.
    Skinner: Why? What was wrong with it?
    Talon: The initial samples that came back had faint traces of rodent hair.
    (Skinner has an honestly flummoxed look on his face)
  • Skinner smirking*: '' "Welcome to Hell."
  • "I killed a man... with this thumb."
    • Gets a hilarious callback when Skinner is trying to sneak back into the kitchen. He gets caught by that chef, who doesn't say anything, but silently and menacingly holds up his thumb before we cut to Skinner getting tossed out as we hear the chef yelling incoherently.
  • Remy's reaction upon smelling Linguini's cooking. Even funnier because of the fact that rats don't have a gag reflex.
  • Linguini is caught talking to Remy in the pantry by Skinner. The look on his face before he turns the light out is hilarious.
  • Linguini spazzing out in the freezer.
    (Linguini rip his shirt open, exposing his chest and arms, which are covered in angry red BITE MARKS.)
    Linguni: AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!! (looks at Remy accusingly) AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!! (gestures at bite marks) AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!
    • Made even better when you look very, very closely at Remy. His eyes get bigger and he draws further back with each outburst Linguini has. It's a tiny detail that you really have to give the animators credit for.
  • "One can get too familiar with vegetables, you know!"
  • The poor health inspector.
  • "I'll make this easy to remember — keep your station clear, or I WILL KILL YOU!"
  • The entire scene when Linguni is confirmed to be Gusteau's son and Skinner begins ranting about seeing rats everywhere.
    Skinner: (After learning Linguini is Gusteau's son) no NO NOOO!! NOOOO!!!! (Kicks drawer'')
    Talon: The DNA matches, the timing works, everything checks out. He is Gusteauís son.
    Skinner: T-t-this can't just— happen! The whole thing is a set-up! The boy KNOWS! (Skinner goes to his window and parts the blinds to the kitchen) Look at him out there — pretending to be an idiot! Heís toying with my mind, like a cat with a ball! Of... something!
    Talon: String...?
    Skinner: Yes! Playing dumb! Taunting me with that rat!
    Talon: Rat...?
    Skinner: Yes! Heís consorting with it! Deliberately trying to make me think itís important!
    Talon: The...rat...
    Skinner: Exactly!
    Talon: (delicately) Is the rat... "important"?
    Skinner: Of course not! He just wants me to think that it is! Oh, I see the theatricality of it; a rat appears on the boyís first night, I order him to kill it and now he wants me to see it everywhere! (high voice) OOOH!! (snaps fingers wildly) Itís here, no it isnít, itís HERE! Am I seeing things, am I crazy, is there a phantom rat or is there not!? But ohhh no! I refuse to be sucked into his little game... of... (Suddenly aware Talon is starting at him)
    Talon: [a little freaked out] ... Should I be concerned about this? About... you?
    • Made even better when Linguini cheerfully waves at him while Skinner says he's pretending to be an idiot!
    • And when the lawyer tells Skinner about the hair sample he got? "The first time, the lab had to send the sample back. Apparantly, the results said it was... rodent hair." The look on Skinner's face is priceless.
  • During the scene where Linguini tries to tell Collete about Remy, pay close attention to her eyes when he says "I have a tiny..little..."
    • Which becomes funnier when he gets interviewed after becoming successful and Colette states, "He calls it 'his little chef'".
  • "So... let's think this through. You know how to cook. And I know how to... appear human."
  • Remy passes by two lovers arguing, one threatening to shoot the other. The gun goes off... and they immediately start making out.
    • On Linguini's television: a man and a woman arguing, throwing themselves at each other in the heat of fury... and they immediately start making out.
    • All of which sets it up so nicely for the moment when Remy decides a "Shut Up" Kiss is the only way to keep Linguini from blabbing everything to Colette...
  • "I am not your puppet! And you are not my puppet... controlling... guy!"
  • Colette: La Rousse ran guns for the resistance.
    Linguini: Which resistance?
    Colette: He won't say — apparently, they didn't win.
  • Dear. Lord. Where to start with Your Friend The Rat?
    • The section on the plague. To say anything more would utterly spoil it.
  • "It sounds like rat... and patootie."
    • "Rat-patootie!"
      • "Which does not sound delicious."
      • "Regrettably, we are all out of wine."
  • La Rousse with his mini blowtorch. It's when Remy gets caught by Linguini, and La Rousse is psyched to kill him with fire, only for Skinner to shoot the suggestion down. Watch his face right after Skinner says "Are you mad?!?"
    • He finally gets to set something on fire after Linguini inherits the restaurant and Skinner is thrown out — boxes of the cheap microwaveable food Skinner was hocking in Gusteau's name. His delight is obvious.
  • This line from Skinner:
    "DAH! (rips off Linguini's toque only to find nothing in there and then covers up for it) Got your toque!"
  • When Remy and Linguini are practicing how to cook together, Remy accidentally throws a frying pan out of the window, causing a car crash. Linguini tentatively lifts up his blindfold, only for Remy to push it back down for his own sake.
    • Remy's Epic Fail in the same scene of trying to get Linguini to lift the wine glass for him (Remy). He causes Linguini to drench them both by pouring it over his own head.
  • When Skinner busts in on Remy and the clan in the kitchen:
    All the rats stop and stare at Skinner.
    Skinner's face falls and he chokes up...
    Cut to Skinner, all trussed up, chucked into the pantry alongside the health inspector.
  • Anton Ego stopping his own Spit Take, checking the wine he's drinking, then deciding it's better he swallow it... Zooming in on the wine bottle reveals that he's right.
  • Anton Ego is known as "The Grim Eater"; all the more fitting as his office from overhead is shaped like a casket.
  • Remy controlling Linguini while the latter is unconscious can look pretty funny if viewed from an outside perspective of Linguini.
  • There's something enjoyably ridiculous about the chase scene, when Skinner is chasing Remy throughout Paris.
  • The serious look on Linguini's face when he tells the kitchen staff that "Appetite is coming, and he's going to have a big ego".
  • Some of Remy's facial expressions are hysterical.
    Linguini: I can't cook, right?
    Remy: (Nods)
    Linguini: By you can, right?
    Remy: (Shrugs as if to say, "Eh, kind of")
    • The face he makes when he says "What we're eating is, let's face it, GARBAGE!" is funny too.
  • Remy learning to master Linguini's reflexes involves a number of little silent gags, very Looney Tunes stuff, which add up to a funny little segment.
    Crepe: Flip. Flip. FLI—
    Window: Crash!
    Distant Car: Screeeech!