Funny / Ranger's Apprentice

  • Almost any scene with Halt on a ship, period.
  • Horace mentioning Will's drawing skills (or complete lack thereof). Even Malcolm gets in on it. Will isn't laughing.
    • Also, the whole sequence during the siege where Horace is bored and trying to think up a poem.
  • In the eleventh book, The Lost Stories, more than half of the short story "Purple Prose" might make you laugh at loud.
  • The entire scene from the beginning of Sorcerer in the North, where Will defuses a standoff between desperate Skandian raiders and his fief by inviting the Skandians to a feast at the castle. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Despite above mentions of his artistic skill, Will is pretty good on the lute. Actually, it's a mandola. He also made up a song about his mentor, Halt.
  • When Will is awarded the Silver Oakleaf in Erak's Ransom, Alyss and Evanlyn are the ones to place it around his neck. Upon doing so, both of them impulsively kiss Will's cheeks and then glare daggers at each other.
  • Halt's obsession with coffee is often brought up and is just as often hilarious.
    • Not to mention his preference for honey in his coffee, which is treated by the other Rangers (including Crowley and Gilan) as a Bizarre Taste in Food.
  • In the ninth book, we are given what is possibly the most hilarious conversation of the entire series.
  • The conversation between Halt and Horace at the beginning of Oakleaf Bearers really has to be seen to be believed.
    Halt: [thinking Horace is about to ask yet another question] WHAT?
    Horace: What?
    Halt: That's what I want to know. What?
    Horace: [bewildered] What?
    Halt: Don't keep parroting me! Stop repeating what I say! I asked you "what" so don't ask me "what" back, understand?
    Horace: [very slowly] No.
    Halt: You were about to ask a question.
    Horace: I was?
    Halt: You were. I saw you take a breath to ask it.
    Horace: I see. And what was it about?
    Halt: That is what I was asking you! When I said "what", I was asking you about what you wanted to ask me.
    Horace: I wasn't about to ask you "what"?
    Halt: Then what, if I may use that word once more, were you about to ask me?
    Horace: I forget. What were we talking about?