Funny / Ramona Quimby

  • In Ramona the Pest, after being rescued from a mud puddle by Henry, Ramona's teacher tries to prompt her to thank Henry by saying "What do you say, Ramona?" Ramona's response is "My boots! My boots are still in the mud!"
    • This incident also prompts Ramona to declare she's going to marry Henry, using a worm as an engagement ring. Henry naturally finds this gross on many levels.
  • The whole "Jesus Beezus" thing in Ramona the Brave.
  • In Ramona and her mother, Ramona wastes an entire tube of toothpaste by pouring it all out into the sink to make a cake. The entire situation is surprisingly amusing.
  • This conversation
    Uncle Hobart: "I used to lie in bed listening to the wolves howl-"
    Howie: "I don't think there are wolves in Saudi Arabia"
    Uncle Hobart: "Okay then, listening to camels howl"
    Howie: "I don't think camels howl. I think they sort of spit."
    • And later, when everyone's preparing for the wedding:
      Howie: "You never told me what noise a camel makes"
  • When Mrs Quimby is having a baby and they are referring to the unborn sibling as "it", Mr Quimby jokes about what would happen if they named the baby It.
  • When Ramona forgets what Saudi Arabia is called and she calls it Narnia, Never-Never Land, and Gaudy Arabia.
  • When Ramona's reading the list of ice cream flavours, she says this at one point.
    Ramona: "...avocado-Avocado ice cream?!"