''VideoGame/RadiataStories'' is not a game that takes itself ''too'' seriously, and tri-Ace sure had a lot of fun with it. Some standouts include:
* [[spoiler: Lenneth Valkyrie from ''VideoGame/ValkyrieProfile'']] asking you if you would like to join her in heaven. She also bribes you.
* ROBOTTO STAR! Also, after you beat him, ROBOTTO JACK!
* Anytime Jack goes O_O
* [[spoiler: Gabriel Celesta]] showing up like a ''VideoGame/ChoAniki'' cast member. Cue BigNo with appropriate sound effects. Jack does not like man-thongs.
* One of the first scenes is hilarious. Adele speaks to the portrait of her dead father, musing over how her brother Jack is finally ready to face the trials...only for Jack to walk in on the middle of her monologue, his pajamas on backwards, and sleepily ask where breakfast is. When Adele asks why he isn't more excited about the upcoming knight trials, Jack's response is to ''scratch his ass.''
* Anytime Jack utters the BigNo.