Funny / Rabbit Seasoning

  • At the beginning, Daffy watches as Elmer hunts for Bugs Bunny... only for him to have a polite conversation with him and saying he hadn't seen any rabbits at all. Daffy has the greatest expression of "Is he that stupid?" before storming over yelling at him to shoot Bugs.
  • Leading to this classic back and forth:
    Bugs: It's true, Doc; I'm a rabbit alright. Would you like to shoot me now or wait 'til you get home?
    Bugs: You keep outta this! He doesn't have to shoot you now!
    Daffy: He does so have to shoot me now! I demand that you shoot me now!
    [Elmer looks at the audience, then raises his gun. BLAM. Daffy stomps back to Bugs].
    Daffy: Let's run through that again.
    Bugs: Okay. [deadpan] Would you like to shoot me now or wait 'til you get home.
    Daffy: [also deadpan] Shoot him now, shoot him now.
    Bugs: [ditto] You keep outta this, he doesn't have to shoot you now.
    Daffy: [normally] HAH! Thatís it! Hold it right there! [Another glance at the audience] Pronoun trouble. It's not "he doesn't have to shoot you now", it's "he doesn't have to shoot me now" [Beat] Well, I say he does have to shoot me now!! So shoot me now!
  • He then raises an accusatory pointing finger to Bugs, opens his mouth to speak...and freezes. Bugs: "...eeeyesss?" Daffy's eyes shrink down into yet another small, self-conscious Aside Glance, and then he forcibly pulls down his own finger and snaps his beak shut.
    Daffy: Oh no, you don't. Not again. Sorry.
  • The second time Daffy gets shot, his beak is open rather wide.
    • This cartoon - as well as the other two in the Hunter's Trilogy - is basically the cartoonists going "How many different ways can we screw around with Daffy's beak?" Apparently, a lot.
  • Daffy tries to instill sense into Elmer, trying to remind that it's "rabbit season." Being the Troll that he is, Bugs interferes with Daffy's reasoning with this little tidbit:
    Bugs: And if henote  was a rabbit, what would younote  do?
    Daffy: YEAH, smart guy! If I was a rabbit, what would you do?
    Elmer: Well, I'd...(points his gun at Daffy)
    Daffy: Not again...
  • At the end, they revisit the original question, but Bugs changes it to "Would you like to shoot him here, or wait 'till you get home?" Daffy finally finds the problem: "Oh no you don't. Not this time, wait 'till you get home". 20 seconds of going home, BLAM!, 20 seconds of Daffy trudging back to Bugs..."You're dethpicable!"