Funny / Queer as Folk

  • Emmett and Ted teaching Debbie the intricacies of oral sex.
  • Emmett's "How do you say tacky little cocksucker in Japanese?"
    • To elaborate, Emmett found a young Asian man who didn't speak a lick of English, but provided him with an amazing sexual encounter. Afterwards, Emmett takes him to an event with friends, while the young man keeps repeating a word that they don't understand, taking the person to Melanie, who speaks Japanese. (Another CMoF within this one: "Talk to Melanie! Melanie speak all Axis powers!") She reveals the man is a prostitute and is demanding payment. However, Michael can't bring himself to tell Emmett that the love of his life is just a hustler, and makes up something rather sweet that he's saying instead. Cut to the end of the episode, where the hustler is making out with a man, and making it implicitly clear. An irate Emmett calls Melanie demanding a translation as noted above leading Melanie to hang up the phone saying that she supposes Emmett found out what he was saying with a resigned sigh.
  • Debbie, reprimanding Michael, says "You don't know yourself! 'Know thyself.' Some Greek said that. Who was it?" Michael's reply: "Zorba?"
  • Melanie's "What are you, Goldilocks?" when Brian complains about some tea's heat and an icepack's cold.
  • Every one of Brent and Emmett's scenes in episode 21 of season one.
  • Emmett's reaction to Michael and David's argument in episode 22 of season one.
  • Emmett and Michael fencing with Ted's giant dildos.
  • At the chiropractor's, Michael asks for a little extra time to stay laid down, because - *ahem* - feeling too good from the treatment.
  • Ted, overjoyed after a failed blowjob:
    • To explain this a bit: Ted took some viagra for a date with the same guy a few days before - before his date would call and cancel for that day. Ted spends the night alone, but his cock wouldn't get soft afterwards. Spend the next days with a hard one all the time, until he finally got the chance to receive a blowjob from the same guy. As you can read above, he is quite overjoyed as he got soft right during the act.
  • Debbie's reaction to the news of Brian and Justin getting married:
    Oh, my god. He must've knocked up Sunshinenote !
  • In the UK Version Season 1 Episode 2, Stuart has made an anonymous casual sex hookup online and is trying to gracefully do introductions to a surprise visitor.
    Stuart: Nathan, this is... this is "Goodfuk" (nervous laugh)
    Tom "Goodfuk": My name's Tom.
    Stuart: (relieved) Tom Goodfuk!