Funny / Push


  • Any of the scenes with the weird little dog.
  • Mary dancing in front of the television in a flowered onesie. It's so funny you almost forget she just finished beating Precious.

2009 Film

  • Near the end, Nick injects himself with a syringe that everyone believes has the super serum and fakes his death. After Cassie finds him, he asks what was actually in the syringe. It was soy sauce. Everyone was chasing a syringe of soy sauce, except for Cassie, who promptly pulls it from a nearby garbage can.
  • Let's also not overlook when Cassie, a 13-year-old girl, attempts to improve her psychic visions by getting hammered on cheap whiskey.
    Cassie (slurred): I am powering my use!
  • "I don't want to get shot because I screwed some imaginary sister you never had." "...I don't have a sister??"
  • In a private little hotel room bathroom. Nick bursts through the door.
    Nick: Oh, sorry! I thought the... bathroom... was on fire...
    Kira: I had to get you to come in here somehow.
    Nick: Did you Push me?