Funny / Pucca

  • The running gag (which is sadly cut from the American version but is still on the DVD version) of Dada peeing his pants.
  • In "Funny Love Eruption":
    • The opening number:
    It's the Mooncake Mountain Taming Festival
    Where the fun and treats do thrill us,
    We give mooncakes to Volcano God,
    In return, he doesn't kill us!
    • The chefs fall off the ladder, and the moon topper is about to hit the ground. Dada catches it, then proceeds to trip while standing still.
    • And doing it again after Garu brought back a new one.
  • The fact that Santa is a recurring character and is doing odd jobs every episode.
  • Tobe's ninjas. That is all.
    • "We strike like lightning." (Looks to see all the ninjas making snow angels) "Fools! I said strike like lightning! Not make snow angels!"
    • When trying to attack Garu, they all run off a cliff.
      • To put that into context, they had assumed "Lemming Stance".
    • When Tobe is angry about the lack of snow for his snow tank, a ninja is sniffing a flower in the background. When Tobe sees him, the ninja proceeds to stomp on the flower.
    • "My ninja army will break me out soon enough. Why I bet they are devising a escape plan as we speak." Cut to them jumping rope.
    • Tobe tells them to attack anyone in a costume if things go wrong. So when the time comes, they see each other wearing Groucho Marx glasses and attack each other.
    • Dressing up as nurses at the hospital.
    • Using explosives as bongos.
    • When they see Garu stuck to Tobe, they instantly attack them. Tobe tells them to not fight Garu and they all start crying.
    Ninja: My life has lost all meaning!
  • "I want Garu's noodle!"
  • Whoever loses the pong pong tournament is forced to wear the sundress of shame. By the end of the episode everyone in the stands is wearing one.
  • Garu's increasingly insane efforts to get rid of the flower in "Flower Power", even going as far as to strap it to some dynamite and doing an insane-happy dance when he thinks it's gone.
  • What's the one thing that can scare Garu on Halloween? Pucca in a bride costume.
    • Abyo using Garu's skeleton-less body as a candy bag.
  • Evil Ching defaces a poster of Master Soo and gives him things like devil horns and a mustache. Cue the real Master Soo coming over and looking exactly like the poster.
  • Master Soo sees Pucca walking by and greets her saying she's a cute little girl. Then she shows him the broken lever to the weather machine and he looks to see it going haywire.
    Master Soo: That's not cute, that's not cute at all.
  • In "Slam Bam Birthday Bash", Garu accidentally pulls out a toilet plunger instead of his sword. Tobe laughs at him and says that "his shame is so deep it will be felt by his ancestors". Then it pans out to show that Tobe and his entire ninja army are in their underpants. They retreat quickly.
    • The gag with the toilet plunger comes from two scenes that were edited out of the American version of Pucca and Garu stopping by Abyo and Ching's houses and their dads almost blab about her surprise party, So Garu sticks a plunger in their mouths and tries to act all innocent.
      • In the same scene, Pucca destroys the police station and it shows Officer Bruce on the toilet.
    • When Garu is trying to find Pucca after she runs off upset, he's on a cliff near what looks like a waterfall, then it reveals that Pucca is on a cliff higher up and the waterfall is actually her Ocular Gushers pouring down the cliff.
  • In "Scenes From a Maul" Pucca and Garu end up in wedding outfits with Garu kneeling on one knee in front of her with a present that happened to be an engagement ring, a cake, flowers, rice throwing and other wedding stuff. Garu actually moves in to give her the ring... then Santa comes and takes it back, ruining the moment.
  • Some of the dreams in "Dream On".
    • Won dreams of Ching hatching into chicks, Ching dreams of Won hatching into a bunch of tiny Chings.
    • Abyo is ripping his shirt off over and over again.
    • Tobe's ninjas apparently dream of playing the banjo, a snail on a brick, and a donkey's butt with flies around it.
      • Pucca putting the queen headpiece on Tobe before he wakes up.
  • Tobe's ninja stars hitting everywhere EXCEPT the target with Garu's face on it.
    Tobe: I... uh... meant to do that.
  • Black Powder is explaining his backstory when Red Lantern sends him flying and he gets eaten by a whale.
    Black Powder: And let me tell you, it was no picnic inside that whale. (Shows him having a picnic with some skeletons) Would you like some tea? (Flashback ends) Well, it was kind of a picnic.
  • "Secret Santa" has Garu fanboying over going to sit on Santa's lap.
    • Even funnier when you realize that they make such a big deal over waiting in line for him and Garu fanboying for him even though they see him just about every day.
  • "Why would anyone wear an eagle on their head?" Says the girl who always has a chicken on her head.
  • Abyo trains with what he thinks is the ancient ninja master's manual, when in reality it is a book Pucca made for Garu that mixes fighting and kissing. The results are Abyo kissing a punching bag and almost kissing Tobe. The moves have to be seen to be believed.
  • In "Misplaced Face" Abyo runs around without a face in his underpants (in the uncut he was naked and had a censor bar) for basically the entire episode.
    • Some of the things his face goes through count as well. He got stuck UNDER SANTA'S BUTT.
    • He finally gets his face back... but it's upside down.
  • In "Noodle to the Stars" One of the zombies sees Garu and friends heading for their base.
    Zombie: (makes zombie noises)
    Muji: If you have something to say, say it.
    Zombie: (suddenly has a cup of tea and speaking in a British accent) I say, space ninja Garu is approaching.
  • The gang is stuck in prehistoric times and an asteroid is heading for them. It doesn't do anything when it finally hits and Abyo wonders what killed the dinosaurs if the asteroid didn't. Abyo sneezes and all of the dinosaurs begin sneezing too. They all died because of a sneeze.
  • Tobe makes a evil fortune cookie for Garu and asks one of his ninjas to read it. He does so and explodes afterwards. Another ninja reads it and does the same. This repeats until only one is left and Tobe tells him that he probably shouldn't read it. The ninja's curiosity gets the better of him and he explodes too.
    • At the end when Garu eats the cookie and throws away the fortune, Tobe angrily reads it to him.
    Tobe: "He who reads this shall explode." There! (Oh, Crap! look on his face and then he explodes.)
  • Tobe is trying to fire a torpedo at Garu, only to find that the torpedo shoot is filled with clothes. He tells his ninjas that it is not a laundry shoot and to wait until he is done to fire one. They mishear him and think he said "Fire one" and launch a torpedo while he is still in there.
  • Pucca throws a movie reel away and it ends up taking a bus, getting on an airplane, landing in a lady's bedroom, getting chased down the street by the lady's husband, gets back on a plane, and ends up falling on the head of one of Tobe's ninjas in the same theater.
  • Tobe and his ninjas have infiltrated a hospital in disguise as a doctor and nurses. A nurse mistakes Tobe for a real doctor and has him do things such as remove a boil and operate on Santa who for some reason has a candy cane, a cookie and a snow globe in him.
    • One of the ninjas is shown eating the candy cane in the next scene.
    • Garu hides in a room and Tobe and his ninjas follow. However a woman is giving birth in there and they witness it and are completely horrified. What the doctor says makes it even better.
    Doctor: Congratulations! It's a little ninja!
  • Pucca calls some aliens to abduct Tobe and they do so and then return him in a tutu.
  • Tobe throws a boulder at Garu and it ends up hitting Pucca instead. However she is completely unharmed and the boulder shatters when it hits her head.
    Tobe: I always knew she was a hard-headed woman.
  • The first disguise that Tobe's ninjas accidentally dress him in at the beginning of "Ninja License".
  • Ringring's failed attempts to sabotage Pucca in "Little Miss Sooga". Only for them to make Pucca win each challenge.
    • Master Soo sees all of the sandbags on Pucca and compliments her on her pretty hat, then asks Ringring why she doesn't have a pretty hat.
    • A barrel with Pucca inside rolls on the stage and Abyo has this to say:
    Abyo: Man, I sure hope there's a monkey in there!
  • Abyo runs over Tobe while dressed as Tobe.
    Tobe: Did I just run myself over?
    • In the same episode, when Mio saves Garu from falling off a cliff, he accidentally pulls up his bodysuit and reveals his butt. Apparently Garu doesn't wear underwear...
  • The running gag of everything being poisonous in "Garu Down Under". Including emus, a eucalyptus tree and an electric fence.
    • The Australian guy telling Garu not to touch the tree, then proceeds to throw him at it.
    • Garu in a highchair with a bib and rattle and looking incredibly pissed off.
  • Pucca goes overboard with her sewing in "Woolen Warrior" and ends up using things like Master Soo's beard or Abyo's pants, which ends with him naked.
  • Muji opens a treasure chest. He thinks it's gold. Turns out it's a goldfish.
    Muji: Goooooooooooooolllllllddddddd - fish.
  • Master Soo sends Garu on an important mission to deliver a urn for his brother's birthday. After fighting off Tobe and enduring things like tipping trains or rollercoaster tracks, Garu finally delivers it... and it's a can of snakes gag.
  • In "Pucca Goes Dutch" Tobe is turned into a hippie.
  • Tobe's account of what "really" happened in "Trial by Fury".
    • Garu is called to the stand and it cuts to after he finishes and Master Soo says "Yeesh, I thought he would never shut up!"
  • Tobe takes so long to power up his ultimate ninja move that he asks his ninjas to go get Garu and to come back in 10 minutes. Days pass and he wonders where they are. Apparently the ninjas forgot their task and went to a hot spring.
    • Garu hitting Tobe as he tries to power up.
  • Everyone is panicking because there are no more chopsticks and they can't eat noodles, Dada finds a fork and suggests that they use it. Everyone laughs at him.
  • From "Chef-Napped":
    Officer Bruce: They've been chef napped!
    Garu, Abyo, Ching and Pucca: (all gasp one by one)
    Officer Bruce: Over.
    Garu, Abyo, Ching and Pucca: (all gasp one by one again.)
    • Abyo uses a laser pen while in Italy and ends up shooting a hole in the wall to reveal a guy in the shower. Abyo apologizes but then accidentally knocks a chunk of wall into him with a grappling hook. At least he tries to write him a apology note.
      • Then he ends up throwing a exploding daruma at him.
    • Ching is kidnapped and Abyo screams "Nooooooo!", but only because he got ravioli sauce on his good shoes.
    • Abyo gets clues on the next location:
    Abyo: Hmmm, Hockey, maple leaf, beaver...these are all clues! So the bad guys must be from...Spain! (Beaver whacks him) Holland? (Whack) Eg-(whack) Mustarbeak (whack) uh...(whack) Argentine? (Whack) Ooooh, Canada.
    • All the chefs watch in terror as a detonator begins counting down. It gets to zero, but nothing happens. They notice it's not plugged into the dynamite, then a guy in a red fish costume comes out and laughs crazily.
    Ho: A red herring! Oh, I hate that guy.
  • Tobe's ninjas use toothpaste instead of nuts and bolts for his robot and the head rams into his lair. It still stands and Tobe sighs in relief...then it burst into flames.
    • The ninjas try to find jobs. They work as waiters at the Goh Rong but eat the food instead of bringing it to the customer.
    • When they try to be police. There are no words to describe it except Epic Fail.
  • Pucca runs past Tobe and one of his ninjas while carrying the moon. We get this line:
    Tobe: Is that girl mooning us?
    • Pucca and Garu switching roles.
  • Garu freaks out when Abyo eats a cookie shaped like him.
  • All of Chang's attempts to get Ching a new head pet in "Cuckoo love".
  • Garu is erased from history in "Tame That Toon" and no one remembers him. Tobe feels like he should have vengeance on someone, he spots Dada and swears vengeance on him for no reason and attacks him.