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Funny: PS238
  • Zodon's chair is broken down after ten millennia of hibernation so some other students fix it up for him against his will. And they pimp it up with flames and fins and a sound system that plays thumping bass. But that's not the best part, the best part is that when he tries to activate his hologram to cover it up, it makes him look like a Gary Larson fat-kid, but in a pimp suit.
  • Arguably.
  • Agents of Chaos and Order trying to teach a couple of angels and demons how to play foursquare.
  • I still crack up when I read Zodon's first censored tirade "You FLOWER GARDEN I'll FOXTROT all over your DRINKING FOUNTAIN! UMBRELLA! CRUNCHBERRIES! CORDLESS TELEPHONE!"
  • Zodon gets his arm snagged by Polly Mer and dragged after an airplane. While in his Gary Larson costume. His inevitable cussing tirade is translated by the "Barry Ween" chip into "Seventy Six Trombones" from The Music Man.
  • "I left a homunculus in charge of my science class. We can savor the irony in-flight."
  • 84 pointing out that the arrogant guy taking charge of the mission will either get them through or get eaten...a win-win situation. She's definitely been spending too much time around Zodon.

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