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Funny: Project Runway

Season 1

  • First episode, Vanessa bought a craw fish from the supermarket (granted, it's the first ever unconventional material challenge)
  • Anything related to Morgan, thank goodness for her runway walk.
  • Austin wearing Jay's postal uniform outfit...

Season 2

  • Zumela: "I would like to have a ...(see the rest for yourself)"
  • Santino Rice and his impersonation of Tim Gunn from Season 2.
    • Using the Tim voice to recite lines from "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, including "I want to fuck you like an animal".
    • The entire story of Tim Gunn and Andrae having a fight in the middle of a Red Lobster while on a date. Even funnier when Tim then confronted him about it, and being a good sport, laughed along with it.
      • The episode's outtakesnote  revealed that this was actually the second time Tim confronted Santino about his impressions: the first time, Santino wasn't wearing a microphone — and there weren't enough witnesses.
      Tim: Santino, I'd like to discuss these "impressions" you've been doing of me.
      Santino: (facepalms) Oh, no...
      (Tim motions for the camera to follow him to Santino's work station.)
      Santino: (to cameraman) No, you don't want to see this.
      Tim: Yes he does.
    • Andrae's reaction to the whole incident: "Is there anyone out there like Santino? In the world? I don't think so. And if there is, don't call me, please. Because one is enough."
  • Season 2's contestants were also rather fond of breaking into spontaneous musical numbers. Behold, Project Runway: The Musical.
    • Special highlight to "Daniel Franco" song.
      Daniel Franco, where did you go?
      Daniel Franco, where did you go?
      Daniel Franco, where did you go?
      Don't give up!
      Daniel Franco, where did you go?
      See ya on Season 3!
      Daniel Franco, where did you go
      Daniel Franco, where... did... you...
      Hey. Where's Daniel Franco? Daniel? Daniel, come back!
      Where did you... Goooo!
      Auf wiedersehen, Modaf*cka!
  • Season 2, Episode 7: When Emmett walks out in a neon pink skating outfit.
  • Andrae's 9 minute 50 second crying jag on the runway. It's all in the reactions: some of the models and designers are crying, too...and then you get to Santino, who has barely contained church giggles, and then as we hit the 5 minute mark more and more people just looking bored and hoping for a break in the crying so they can move on.
  • During the "Social Scene" challenge, Tim and Lupe discuss her design:
    Gudalupe: (to Tim) I thought it looked like crap.
    Tim: I'm not going to debate that.
    Gudalupe: Yeah, it looked like crap.
    (They stare at the design.)
    Tim: ...I'll leave you alone.

Season 3

Season 4

  • Michael Kors' contagious laughter. The fact that it's so out of character for Michael made it even funnier.
  • During "What's The Skinny?", Tim tells Chris that he should make all his decisions early while his brain is still fresh, rather than in the middle of an all-night work session:
    (Designers start to giggle.)
    Steven: Can you give us names? We want names!
    (Tim turns bright red.)
    Tim: (takes off his glasses and laughs) I really am an old fart. My old brain didn’t even go there.
    • And then, as Tim leaves the workroom, Steven asks him if he's coming back at 4; Tim replies, "I just may. After I’ve made my bad 3 o’clock decision."

Season 5

  • Stella Zoris: Leatha!
  • Season 5 finale. Guest judge Jennifer Lopez is not available due to a foot injury. So the new 4th judge is none other than...Tim Gunn! Yes, the same Tim Gunn that Kenley Collins had been rude to all season long. Oops! Needless to say, Kenley did not win! Nice girl Leanne won. Nice woman Korto got a very close 2nd place.
  • Season 5: It's Tim Gunn! What more do I have to say?
  • The drag queens during the initial selection and during the actual runway and judging.

Season 6

Season 7

  • In Season 7, the Odd Couple pairing of Anthony Williams and Seth Aaron Henderson for a team challenge was pretty much an episode-long CMoF, a highlight being when Anthony chided Seth Aaron to "Stop acting up in front of company" during their consultation with Tim Gunn. A few moments can be seen here.

Season 8

  • Season 8, Episode 11: Ivy begins harassing Michael Costello, accusing him of cheating, and ends her voiceover/interview by warning him that karma will get him. Cut to a scene of Ivy nearly getting hit in the eye by a flying needle. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the editing staff.
  • Three words: Animal Wooly Balls.
  • Tim is at it again!
  • Tim's deadpan declaration that "Jackie Kennedy would not have camel toe."

Season 9

  • Three words: Anthony Ryan. Banana.
  • Tim Gunn making Team Nuts & Bolts do a prayer circle. The other designers didn't know how to react to that one.
  • During the Sheepdogs challenge, when the designers had to make outfits for a group of male rockers:
    Tim Gunn: [The zipper on these men's pants]... it really draws your eye to the crotch.
    Josh M: Right. [smiles]
  • In "Sew '70s," Rich Bitch Laura Kathleen goes on an extended rant about how Nina doesn't understand her taste and style. The editors cut to Viktor Luna looking up from his sewing machine with the most priceless look of disbelief.
  • Michael Kors' horrified scream upon seeing the back of Josh M's first look in "Sew '70s," made even funnier by the shots of Anthony Ryan and Viktor struggling to hold down giggle fits as Kors lights into the outfit.
    • Even funnier is that if you listen closely you can actually hear Joshua tell his model "Don't turn around" when Michael asks her to.
    • Also the shot of Michael Kors gearing up to ream the outfit as Josh introduces it. And Bert's "dear God" facial expression when Josh claims his outfit captures the joy and exuberance of the '70s. And Josh's pissy "ahem" as Viktor(?)'s giggles start to get the better of him. And best of all, the fact that this is all happening to the biggest Jerkass in the cast.
  • When Olivier asks Tim Gunn about D cup boobs, Tim's hilariously deadpan reply that he doesn't have any personal experience with them, so he doesn't know.

Season 10

  • Season 10's Dmitry pulls a My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels while describing competitor Ven:
    "He is a one-way monkey. No, no... I meant to say one-trick pony."
  • Tim Gunn describing Ven's first look in the print challenge as being "a homage to a menstrual cycle" while the other designers try (and fail) to pretend they're not listening. Of special note is Elena's face and Christopher's Facepalm.
  • Michael Kors saying that "Origami Rose" would be a great name for Ven if he were a Drag Queen.
  • Episode 11 of Season 10 is generally considered ridiculous in premise and pretty weak, but was salvaged by some hilarious reactions from the designers when having to work with both real babies and baby dolls that actually cry.
    • Dmitry being woken up in the morning and deadpanly declaring "Oh right, I'm a father now." And later announcing that he barely had time to put on pants in the morning.
    • Elena naming her baby "Asshole" and her horrified reaction upon waking up to the baby's cries. And while in Mood, asking Swatch (the store's resident Canine Companion) if he can be her baby instead.
    • The fact that Fabio is the only one who has any clue whatsoever what he's doing, and gets so into it that Dmitry has to remind him that it's not a real baby.
    • Tim's expression at the cheer that erupts from all the designers when he announces that he'll be taking their "babies" to "daycare" (i.e. letting them actually get some work done without having to worry about them) due to the sheer level of joy they have.
  • Elena gets hot glue on her thigh during the unconventional materials challenge. In the confessional, Christopher begins to sound sympathetic towards her... and then asks "But why were you wearing hoochie shorts to work?!"

Season 11

  • The Death Glare Heidi shoots Zac Posen when he comments that Patricia's look, which was designed for Heidi, would probably work better on a younger looking actress. Even better, his expression when he realizes what he just said.
  • One of the older woman clients telling Kate "don't believe in the golden years, be a slut!" and Kate sheepishly admitting to the Confession Cam that she's engaged to her high school sweetheart.
    • Later in the same episode, Stanley gets goosed by one of their clients, who says "I couldn't resist." Stanley seems bemused by this.
  • Tim approaches the three person team of Michelle, Particia and Layana and cheerfully asks "How's team threesome?" After a beat all four burst into laughter, followed by Tim saying "Moving on..."
  • Not the show itself, but recappers Tom and Lorenzo hilariously summed up episode 7:
    We wanted to punch Zac when he sniffed “First day of design school, we had to make a shirt.” Oh really? DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE THREE OF THEM? FOR GORILLAS? WITH A CAMERA CREW ON YOUR ASS?

Season 12

  • In the first episode, Justin says that if arguments in the workroom get too bad he can just turn his hearing aid off and tune them out. Cue episode two, where in the middle of Sandro and Ken going at each other the camera cuts to Justin doing just that.
  • Sandro refers to Timothy, who refuses to use electricity to make his garments because "it's not eco friendly" as "Amish."
    • In the same episode, asks if anyone has a straight pin, because "I need to sew my hookers."note 

All Stars

  • Tim Gunn on Santino's behind-the-scenes behavior during Season 1: "I was ready to take a cyanide capsule."
  • Upon the announcement of the All Stars Season 2 cast, the "So that's what happened to Andrae!" jokes were endless.


  • Tim Gunn chasing Swatch the dog through Mood. The .gif of this moment became extremely popular on Tumblr.
  • While not from the show itself, Santino hosting the radio call-in show "Ring My Bell" is hilarious. Especially when he gets a call from...well, you just have to see it. (Warning: NSFW)
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