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Funny: Project Genesis

This page lists the crowning moments of hilarious things that happen in Project Genesis.

  • Chapter one has Stella. She's a consistent source of things to put on this page.
    "Oy, Skywalker! Who's your daddy now, bitch!"
  • Any time Austin tries to escape his bad luck. Like... trying to avoid falling bird poop and instead stepping in dog fecal matter.
  • The infamous Jax-Jowee piggy-back ride. It launched the roleplay's first official OTP to fan over.
  • Just the fact that little Keno, 5'4", was able to knock over and throw 6'3" Anthony over a fence. Sure, he was incapacitated by being shot by two of Serenity's darts, but the hilarity still stands!
  • Hannah pondering the idea that Jowee and Jax might fancy each other. Seems like it's official, now.
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