Funny / Project A-ko

  • "In three seconds your body will explode." It makes sense in context. Really, it does!
  • Gail telling B-ko that people on each side thinking they're the only victims is the problem.
  • This exchange, as Maruten prepares to pilot his ship through the hyperspace gateway:
    A-Ko: Will we be safe?
    Maruten: Don't worry! Before I joined the Space Patrol, I wanted to be a racer!
    A-Ko: *hopeful* Really?!
    Maruten: Yeah! In kindergarten, heh heh!
  • Each time A-Ko effortlessly destroys the gigantic robots B-Ko painstakingly put together the night before, and B-Ko's reaction.
    • A-ko's remark on how B-ko's sand skimmer looks in The Vs.
      A-ko: Soooo why do you need a giant toilet?
      • B-ko eventually conceding that it does look like a toilet and justifying it by saying those were the only parts she could salvage.
  • "A disguise kit!"
    • Made even funnier when seeing B-ko's choice of disguise.
  • In the first film, the villain in the film that A-ko and C-ko see is Colonel Sanders. How... random.
  • The very fact that, in the fourth film, there are female urinals in the school. And that the people actually use them. Many viewers did a Double Take during those scenes.
  • B-ko's Sanity Slippage while building new robots to destroy A-ko in the first film as her repeated failures take their toll on her.
    B-Ko: Revenge is sweet, sweet, sweet and you A-ko are going to die, DIE, DIE!
  • This exchange is glorious in the Vs dub.
    Guard 1: Your highness!
    Guard 2: Prince Wood Berry Berry Tissue!
    Prince: I told you never to call me that name!
    Guard 1: We're sorry, your highness. But it's terrible! A fire-breathing dragon is approaching!
    Guard 2: Yeah, and he's already eaten our entire army!
    Prince: What?!