Funny / Primus

  • "To Defy The Laws Of Tradition" starts up with the same intro as their quotation of "YYZ" from Suck On This, as if the listener got sold a mistakenly-packaged copy of the aforementioned live debut album, but just as the other instruments are about to come in, the air is suddenly let out of the band and the real track starts.
  • The spoken conclusion to "Harold Of The Rocks":
    So, in the end, Swamper and Greeny finally succumbed to the ways of Harold
    And, in doing so, each gave just a little bit of his soul away
  • Both the high and low-pitched voices that Les puts on for the voices of the Oompa-Loompas in Primus and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Taking place at the very end of "Los Bastardos", the final track on 'Sailing the Seas of Cheese' album, the voice of Vyvyan Basterd suddenly breaks in through the slow buildup of the music and starts randomly shouting over and over: "SHAT APP YOU BASTAAAARDDDS!!! SHAT APP YOU BASTAAAAARDS!!! SHAT APP YOU BASTAAAARDS!!!" ".....(did you just call me a bastard?)"
    • Meta: Sailing The Seas Of Cheese was the band's first major label album, and at some point some people from the label stopped by the studio to check in on recording progress. They happened to come by on the day that the band were working on "Los Bastardos": Whether the Young Ones samples were being piped in at the time or were added later, you can still imagine the higher-ups being confused upon witnessing three drummers, three bassists, and five guitarists endlessly jamming on the same riff over and over for three minutes while occasionally chanting "here they come!".