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Funny: Primetime Glick
  • The Nathan Lane interview, where Jiminy causes Lane to laugh uncontrollably towards the end.
  • In The Movie, after "Growing Up Gandhi" finishes:
    Andre Devine: This terrible movie you made. It's like a goose farting in your face!
    • When interviewing Steve Martin:
    Jiminy: You get a lot of bad reviews. How does that make you feel, and how do you handle it?
    Steve: Well first of all, a lot of people get bad reviews. Charlie Chaplin got bad reviews.
    Jiminy: (shakes head) Mmm-mmm.
    Steve: ...Buster Keaton got bad reviews.
    Jiminy: No, not really. Not, not on the level you get them.
  • When Jiminy interviewed Alec Baldwin, he asked how many actresses he's slept with. When they got to Sarah Jessica Parker:
    Alec: What do you do? She comes to your apartment at three o'clock in the morning after she wraps the friggin' TV show, she's like, y'know, (knocks)-
    Jiminy: But she's with Matthew Broderick from The Producers!
    Alec: (derisively) Come on, get serious. (crew members heard laughing)
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