Funny / Primetime Glick

  • The Nathan Lane interview, where Jiminy causes Lane to laugh uncontrollably towards the end.
    Jiminy: You worked with that one famous drunk actor. What's his name? I'm always forgetting his name.
    Nathan: There's been so many.
    Jiminy: Drunky. Oh, George C. Scott, that's it.
    Nathan: (laughing while talking) Well he wasn't...
    Jiminy: Was he swervin' on the stage all the time?
    Nathan: (still laughing) No...
    Jiminy: Spewin' old booze from his breath?
    Nathan: He was... (more laughter)
    Jiminy: What was that like?
    Nathan: He was very kind to me.
    Jiminy: Very kind to you?
    Nathan: He did occasionally have a drink, but not on stage.
    Jiminy: I'll bet he had it in a little flask he hid. How come we don't hear from him so much?
    Nathan: Well, unfortunately he passed away.
    Jiminy: NO!
    Nathan: (struggling to keep from laughing more) You didn't get the memo?
    Jiminy: I didn't get the memo!
  • In The Movie, after "Growing Up Gandhi" finishes:
    Andre Devine: This terrible movie you made. It's like a goose farting in your face!
    • When interviewing Steve Martin:
    Jiminy: You get a lot of bad reviews. How does that make you feel, and how do you handle it?
    Steve: Well first of all, a lot of people get bad reviews. Charlie Chaplin got bad reviews.
    Jiminy: (shakes head) Mmm-mmm.
    Steve: ...Buster Keaton got bad reviews.
    Jiminy: No, not really. Not, not on the level you get them.
  • When Jiminy interviewed Alec Baldwin, he asked how many actresses he's slept with. When they got to Sarah Jessica Parker:
    Alec: What do you do? She comes to your apartment at three o'clock in the morning after she wraps the friggin' TV show, she's like, y'know, (knocks)-
    Jiminy: But she's with Matthew Broderick from The Producers!
    Alec: (derisively) Come on, get serious. (crew members heard laughing)
  • When interviewing Janeane Garofalo, Jiminy read a quote from Janeane, "Sex is..." and scrunched up his face. Janeane burst out laughing. Can't blame her; it was a hilarious face.
  • The Regis Philbin interview, where he got Regis to crack up a few times.
    Jiminy: You did Get Smart. Were you any good on it?
    Regis: I just played a cook, as a matter of fact. They had a little, to this day, people still talk about the, the scene where Don Adams played a little practical joke on me.
    Jiminy: Who's Don Adams?
    Regis: (mildly irritated tone) He was the agent in Get Smart.
    Jiminy: What's Get Smart?
    Regis: (cracking up) Get Smart was the name of Ga- (laughs) Don Adams's show!
    Jiminy: Oh, I'd love to see it, go on.
    Regis: Well, I was playing a baker, and everybody was suspicious of everybody-
    Jiminy: A baker, a baker of pies and bread?
    Regis: Of pies, and cakes, yes. And, uh-
    Jiminy: I love cake.
    Regis: ...He set me up, and then he hit me in the face with a cream pie.
    Jiminy: Who did?
    Regis: ...Don Adams.
  • When Jiminy interviewed David Duchovny, he got interrupted by a cell phone call and answered it. He then told David, "It's private." David was undestandably confused: "You just want me to go?" Jiminy re-iterated: "Well, it's private. (...) That means leave."
    Jiminy: (on phone) Hi, Dixie. Oh, you can't believe it. Well I mean, the editors are gonna win an Emmy for this one. No, you know what it is? There's a self-absorption behind a smug wisdom-
    David: (off-camera) I can hear you!
    • In the same interview, David mentioned that he barely did any research for his role on The X-Files; at most, he talked to an FBI agent on the street for three minutes.
  • When Jiminy interviewed Bob Hope Note :
    Bob: And th-th-this is the, uh, kid from that movie. The kid movie.
    Jiminy: And his name is Eugene...
    Eugene: Levy.
    Jiminy: Levy.
    Bob: I didn't see your movie, but I saw the trailer for it, where you entered, I think, a kitchen and there was a kid and he was doin' something with a pie. He had his, like, penis in a pie, didn't he?
    (moments later, when Jiminy cuts to commercial)
    Bob: I wanna talk more about that kid's penis.