Funny / Porco Rosso

  • The pirates are generally a goldmine of comedy in terms of their ineptitude. The best, however, may be when a radio announcer relays a message the pirates leave for Porco after a successful heist.
    Pirate Chief: We're comin' for ya..
    Pirates: ...PORCO ROSSO! [They fall over on top of each other] Ow! Ack! Argh! Get off me!
    Radio Announcer: Repeat; "We're coming for you, Porco Rosso, ow, ack, argh, get off me!"
  • The sign above Piccolo's (Porco's engineer) desk reads (in Italian): NON SI FO CREDITO. No credit.
  • (After Porco and Fio got Curtis to pay Porco's massive repair bill)
    Fio: Porco! I screwed up!
    Porco: Eh?
    Fio: We should have padded the bill!
    Porco (grinning): You're right!
  • Pretty much the entire scene involving the schoolgirl hostages is funny given the fact that a bunch of bad-tempered criminals are forcibly restraining their tempers for the sake of a dozen 6-year-old girls, and also being criticized by the girls at every turn. However, the crowning moment is when Porco is forced to tow the girls back to the ship on a plane in the ocean with a crapped-out engine. The girls, having jumped overboard after the pirate plane crashed, begin running around in their underwear, their wet clothes strung up between the planes wings and engine.
    Porco: Hey, quit running! Settle down! Put- put your clothes back on!
  • This casual exchange between Piccolo and Porco, as Fio runs around working on the plane repairs.
    Piccolo: You like my granddaughter?
    Porco: She's alright.
    Piccolo: You keep your hands off of her!
    Porco: Don't worry. Just watching her makes me tired.
  • The scene where Piccolo rattles off names of his female relatives who have come to work on Porco's new plane is a gem, particularly in how Porco gets more and more uncomfortable as the scene goes on, and how he finishes the list with "and the three old hags showed up."
  • The Mamma Aiuto Gang.
  • The pirates cheering on Fio after she places her bet with Curtis. Porco's response when they don't get a move on on leaving his island:
    Pirate Chief: Okay!
  • The sheer absurdity of Porco and Curtis throwing things at each other and descending into Good Old Fisticuffs.