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Funny: Pollyanna
  • When George bumps into Pollyana and Nancy while they're out shoping and grabs Nancy and kisses her.
    Nancy: Oh! George, stop it! Oh, Pollyanna, you don't know my cousin Fred, do you?
    George: Your cousin Fred?
    Nancy: This is Miss Harrington's niece. (pointedly) The one who's come to live with her!
    George: (realizing whats going on) Oh! Oh, that one! Well, hello, Pollyanna, how are you?
    Pollyanna: Fine, thank you.
    George: Well, how 'bout this? Running into you after... what's it been, six years? Say, how's your ma and pa?
    Nancy: Why, they're just fine.
    George: You know, Pollyanna, I don't take too much to relatives, but this girl was always just like a sister to me. I tell you, I love, love this cousin. (kisses Nancy again much to her chargun)
  • When Edmond found Pollyanna hidden behind a plant during the town meeting.
    Edmond: Hello. Is this the town meeting?
    Pollyanna: Oh, no. It's in there. In the conservatory, for heaven's sake.
    Edmond: Oh. Are you one of the Ladies Aide?
    Pollyanna: Oh, no. I'm just a child. I'm not even supposed to be here! Sh!
    Edmond: What's your name?
    Pollyanna: Pollyanna Whittier. That's my aunt over there, the pretty one. This is her house, and I live with her.
    Edmond: Sh!
    Pollyanna: Sh!
  • "Brimstone and Damnation on top of ham and eggs."
  • Loved it when George and Nancy trick Pollyanna with reverse psychology so they can go on a date, and bring her along.
    George: How'd you like to go down the street and get a great big dish of ice cream, my treat? Oh, no, that's a rotten idea. She probably hates the stuff.
    Nancy: Probably.
    Pollyanna: Who, me? Oh, no, I love it!
    George: No kidding? How'd you ever develop a taste for that awful stuff?
    Pollyanna: Oh, no, really! I really do love it!
    George: I know the perfect place. Come on, girls, follow old Cousin Fred to the land of strawberry frappe. Unless you'd rather go down the street and have a beer?
    Pollyanna: You're funny.
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