Funny: Police Quest

Even though these games can touch on some serious matters, and despite how it gets more and more dark as it progresses, there are some genuinely funny moments to be found in this series.

Police Quest I:
  • During off duty, two of Sonny's fellow officers are at a bar, and one of them is going through depression. How does this get resolved? How about a stripper hiding within a birthday cake for him! His reaction is priceless.
  • In the remake, if you lose the poker game, you are treated to a scene of Sonny explaining his situation to his boss, leading to a funny conversation about the chief sarcastically deciding that he'll train all his cops to be pro poker players.
  • Sonny playing on his 'Whitey' persona during the sting operation, right down to remarking at the female bartender in the remake.
    (when informed that he'll be patted down) "I understand babe. I'll suffer through it. Take your time, now."
    • Also helps that he maintains his stoic expression through out the course of the game, down to his disguise.
  • Doing a field sobriety test on the drunk driver has him do an impression of a swan in flight.
  • The computer has some interesting search results for swear words.

Police Quest II:
  • The premise of the game gives off a feeling to that of a buddy cop film. Then you have to consider that it's Police Quest.
  • Want to upset Sonny's boss, Captain Hall? Try driving around to anywhere and NOT check in at the Police Department. He will have quite a word with Bonds.
  • After dispatching the terrorists in the plane, Sonny can find a note on them called "How to make a bomb." Yes, for terrorists who were able to smuggle their guns in the plane somehow, they're not very smart at making a hard to disable bomb.
  • Captain Hall is always seen with an ice cream cone in his hand. A look at his personnel file reveals that he's failed his medical as a result of excessive ice cream consumption.

Police Quest III:
  • The drunk driver. It's funnier than the first considering you'll have to administer a couple of tests on him.
  • The horny man. He understands what he's done (speeding), and he doesn't care. There's a woman who needs something something from him, and he politely asked Sonny for a ticket quickly so he doesn't delay.
  • The maniac who is in his underwear and out of his mind. The way he talks and moves may earn chuckles.

Police Quest IV Open Season:

Police Quest SWAT:
  • The element leader will lecture you for attempting to skip the beginning briefing.

  • The mission of the Man Child that hid women in his under ground dungeon. His own mother is apparently confident enough to stand up against a squad of five fully armed and armored men single handed-ally, telling them to leave. She's quick to break her spirits if you shoot/spray her with your tazer/pepper-spray.
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