Funny / Pokémon The 'Bridged Series

For a show with only 28 episodes thus far, it's got quite a plentiful number of moments. In fact, the series itself might qualify.

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    Main Series 
  • Episode 1 Redub: The entirety of Ash's Dream Sequence. To say it's strange for this series is already a lot to take in.
  • Episode 2: This random bit of trivia from Professor Oak:
    Professor Oak: Pokemon don't die, they faint.
    Ash: What about pikachus?
    Oak: Oh, they die!
  • Episode 3: The whole telepathic conversation between Gary, Misty, Pikachu, Ash, James, Jessie, Nowacking and Jerry.
  • Episode 7:
    • The infamous "purple" gag
    • Ash's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Misty is funnier than it sounds.
    • Misty finally snapping as a result of the aforementioned speech.
      Misty: Battle! Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle!
      Sisty: Battle?
      Misty: You stay out of this!
    • Ash finally using Pidgeotto... only for it not to let him finish a sentence.
  • Episode 8:
  • Episode 10:
    • Brock cutting Ash and Misty down from the tree... only for Misty's subsequent complaining to cause him to... ''uncut'' them down from the tree.
    • The battle between Pikachu and Bulbasaur:
      Ash: Okay, so if Bulbasaur can finally kill Pikachu, I wonder what color I can pick for the next one. Blue Pikachus are nice!
      Pikachu: *You* are an asshole.
      Ash: Maybe if I hold off on a few months, I can get next year's model!
      Pikachu: Are you ignoring me or are you just stupid?
      Ash: I want a sunroof!
      Pikachu: That's what I thought.
      Ash: And the sunroof can eat tomatoes for lunch!
      Pikachu: There's just one problem.
      Ash: And what's that?
      Scene cuts to a defeated Bulbasaur.
      Pikachu: The battle's over!
      Ash: Oh crap!
      Pikachu: You really weren't ignoring me, were you?
    • While Misty is unloading her tragic on a backstory, it's funny enough the first thing out of the Oddish's mouth is the cry of "Oddish" subtitled as "Fuck you." Then every single "Oddish" cry translates to the same thing, resulting in Pokémon Speak WITHIN Pokémon Speak.
    • All five of the episode stingers.
    • The end line of "Bulba Butt Butter."
  • Episode 11:
    • The first 40 seconds consists of the characters staring open-mouthed and gormless while going "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh". It's funnier than it sounds.
    • Possibly the closest that Ash and Pikachu have had to a bonding moment:
    Ash: Jesus don't know shit!
    Pikachu: Woah, woah, woah! I '''agree''' with you?!?!
    • Pikachi and Raichu facing eachother, hyping up an intense fight... only to cut mid-sentence to Pikachu lying grieviously beaten in a hospital bed. Really, it's not that different from how the actual episode went.
    • The entire scene where Nurse Joy offers Ash a Thunder Stone, from when she offers it to Ash to when Pikachu orders everybody to get the fuck out of his room.
    Nurse Joy: I think I know what can solve your problems. Wait no I don't. Oh! Oh, I do. This is my special thunderstone I have been developing it my entire life.
    James: (outside) That bitch stole our thunderstone!
    Nurse Joy: It's a rock. Oh, anditwillforcePikachutoevolveintoRaichu.
    Brock: I don't know about you guys, but I thought that Raichu was so funny.
    Misty: I have to pee.
    Ash: But he's not funny!
    Nurse Joy: You gonna take the rock?
    Brock: Oh, no no no no, he's soooo funny that if he ever went away, I would want him to come back again, and again, and again.
    Nurse Joy: I have this ROCK for you!
    Ash: But that's why he's not funny.
    Misty: I have to pee.
    Brock: So much funny.
    Nurse Joy: *As thunderstone* I want you to take me because I am a ROCK!
    Misty: *with wings and a halo* I have to pee!
    Brock: *With devil horns* Take the rock!
    Misty: I have to pee!
    Brock: And shove it!
    Ash: *To himself* Who should I listen to, Brock or Misty or Team Rocket?
    James: *muffled* Give us back the rock!
    Jesse: *muffled* give us your Pikachuuuu!
    At the same time:
    • Right afterwards in the hallway:
    Ash: We got kicked out because we were bad.
    Brock: Very naughty.
    Pikachu: *In the other room* AHAHAHAH! BURN! BURN! EVERYTHING BURN!
  • Episode 11:
    • Ash asked Team Rocket (mostly Jesse) for help:
    Ash: Okay, so apparently you're a girl... can you make me be a girl?
    Jesse: I'm sorry, what?
    Ash: I want to be a feminiminimine.
    Jesse: Can't you ask one of your friends? My time is extremely valuable.
    Ash: Well... first there's Misty,
    Misty: I think I'm gonna buy this.
    Ash: then there's Pikachu,
    Ash: and then there's Brock.
    Jesse: That's a fair point, but what do I get out of this?
    Meowth: You should give us your Pikachu.
    Ash: You drive a soft bargain. And a minivan.
  • Episode 15:
    Pikachu: I love tea! I love everything, even Tracey!
    Max: Then you must love me!
    Pikachu: Not even a little.
  • Episode 16: The whole sequence of arriving at Sunshine Valley Happy Place Town City Valley, including The Narrator Railroading them into liking it.
  • Episode 18:
    • Koga explaining that Aya was raised in a very strict household. Then he continues with:
    Koga: She say, "I want mommy nipple." I say, "NO!" Instead, I give her father nipple.
  • Episode 19:
    • After meeting Eevee.
    Ash: I WONDER what Pokemon it is.
    Eevee: Eevee!
    Misty: It's an Eevee.
    Eevee: (confused) Ee... Eevee?
    (Ash looks at his Pokedex.)
    Dexter: (beat) It's an Eevee.
    • Mitch tells Mikey why they were not at their parents' funeral.
    Mitch: MMMMMIKEY! We were busy throwing this sick-ass party to celebrate our sweet-ass Eeveelutions! Mine is the best because it belongs to me! And also I'm the best, because I'm ME!
    • And after the Eevee Brothers introduce themseleves, Mitch tells Mikey this seconds later:
    Mitch: Well, dad would have told you to stop acting like a little pussy bitch! But now I'M the man of the house and I'M going to tell you to stop acting like a little pussy bitch!
    • Mikey's brothers and their obsession with the letter 'M'. Well, except for Frank.
    • Eevee and Vulpix (referring to Misty and Brock, respectively):
    • Team Rocket FINALLY getting to finish their motto... with Mikey's brothers talking over the last few lines so loudly we don't get to hear it.
      • Followed by Mark freaking out over Team Rocket standing on the table and James eating his award-winning main course.
    • Frank's battle strategy when facing Team Rocket:
    Frank: Vaporeon, just go away or something!
    • One of the party guests had the bright idea to bring a screaming Victreebel. And it's even louder than James' Victreebel in the original anime!
    • After all the trouble Mikey had to convince his brothers to let him keep his Eevee as it is, the credits reveal that it evolved into an Umbreon that same night, and they forced him to dye his hair black.
    • The hilariously mean digs at the Flareon and Vaporeon evolutions, a fandom nod to Jolteons infamous superiority in G1.
  • Episode 20:
  • The Orange Island Special Episodes has its funny moments, such as:
    • Ash thanking his guests for coming to his party.
    Ash: It really means a lot to me that so many people are willing to get to together to drink pissnote  in honor of my accomplishments.
    • The party's real purpose:
    Ash's mom: I thought this party was to celebrate our engagement.
    Professor Oak: Ah, yes. Let's celebrate Ash doing things. I mean me knocking up his mother. Ash knocking up his mother? Wait.
    Ash's mom: I think you got those two things confused, dear.
    Professor Oak: Oh, yes. Me knocking up a HUSK OF CORN.
    Ash: What does "knocking up" mean? Does it mean "love?" I knock up my mother so much!
    Misty: I'm gonna marry that idiot one day. Oh, God. It sounds even stupider out loud.
    • Ash wanting to know what his gift is from the "Profraggenor":
    Professor Oak: Your gift is that you get to abandon your Pidgeotto.
    Ash: Yay! Seriously, it's a miracle it's still alive.
    (Pidgeotto coos in agreement.)
    • Once Ash welcomes Tracey to the group and starts shaking his hand:
    Misty: Ash, you don't know where that hand has been.
    Tracey: Yes, you do.
    Misty: Yes, I do! Stop touching his hand!
    Tracey It's my sketching hand.
    Misty: Oh God.
    Tracey: It does other things too.
    Misty: Oh God...
    • Ash telling Tracy that "Misty is dumb." And then, Tracy says, "Hey Misty. Ash says you're dumb." And then Misty steps on Tracy's foot.
    Misty: (to Tracey) You are already THIS close to being as bad as Brock!
    • And in Part 1, whatever Misty says, Tracy says something different. In other words:
    Tracy: Did somebody say [word that is different that Misty said]?
    Misty: No!
    • Professor Oak confusing Tracey and Brock:
    Professor Oak: I see that Brock is white now.
    Ash: Yeah, he was offensive so we replaced him
    Misty: A) Brock's skin color was the least offensive thing about him, B) Tracey is not Brock and C), Tracey is no better than Brock!
    • Professor Oak can only gape in horror to Tracey's overly long story, until finally:
    Professor Oak: STOP CALLING ME!
    • In Part 2, Ash sees a fish and asks Misty if the gang is going to have dinner. Then, when Rudy Esquire V dances with Misty...
    • The reference to Part 1:
    Misty: Did someone say free food?
    Tracy: Did someone say "in the nude?"
    Ash: I don't think they did.
    • Rudy Esquire V also tells at Mari to sit in complete silence and at times yells at Mari to remind her.
    • Misty's epiphany to how Ash can defeat Rudy.
    Misty: (thinking)The only way to beat a cheater is- to cheat better than him and Ash is the biggest cheater I know!
    • Also, when Ash cheats and defeats Rudy Esquire V's Starmie, this happens.
    Announcer: Starmie has been killed! Ash is the winner!
    • And after that, when Rudy Esquire V offers his Gym Badge, Ash gets excited, and when Misty says, "Don't touch it," Ash is disappointed.
    • In Part 3, Brock gives Ash and Misty their drinks:
    Misty: I don't want extra cream! I don't want cream! I don't want this!
    • Also, Brock explains that he did not jump off the blimp: he died. Ash reacts with this:
    Brock: All better now though, don't worry.
    • Brock explaining how he came back.
    Brock: After I fell out of the blimp, my entire body shattered. I went to Hell-.
    Misty: Of course.
    Brock: And long story short, I bred Satan. And apparently he doesn't like sharing the power with another Satan, so they're probably fighting to the death right now to see who gets to rule the Underworld. They kicked me out in case I was going to breed another one. I was.
    Misty: You bred Satan?!
    Brock: I told you; I can breed anything.
    Misty: I'm really not sure if I prefer you or Tracy.
    • Pikachu telling Ash to go to sleep after Ash's every sentence.
  • Episode 22 has Misty take revenge on Brock calling her crazy by calling him lazy. For once, Brock is really annoyed by this.
    • EVERYTHING that Doctor Janitor says or does. It helps that he's voiced by Purple Eyes WTF.
    • "If we kill it, it won't need help anymore!"
    • Misty finally getting back at Brock for his Crazy Misty crap by dubbing Brock "Lazy Brock".
    Misty: Are we just going to ignore that he said he isnt a doctor?
    Ash: Yes
    • "If at first you dont succeed, try going in through the butt!
    • Turns out the hospital shut down to finance the various Pokemon League tournaments.
    • "Sorry you got hit by a needle, Dr Janitor. I was throwing needles"
  • In Episode 26, you can see Missing No. floating past the Saint Ann.
    • Nobody remembering that they're in a volcano.
    Almost Every Character: OH MY GOD WE'RE IN A VOLCANO!
    • For some reason, Giovanni's Persian makes a loud car horn noise instead of its normal Pokémon Speak.
    • The groups failed attempts at finding a vacant hotel
    Hostess: I'm sorry but we're just too full here.
    Manager With Tiny Moustache: I'm sorry but we're just too Hitler here.
  • Episode 27:
    • Turns out Todd Snap doesnt care about photographing Pokemon, he's just a creep who takes photos of butts.
      • Also because Nowacking voices both Todd and Misty, it almost sounds like she is perving on herself.

    Side Content 
  • The Shticky commercial. This troper STILL cannot watch it without laughing.
  • The Episode 7 Redub, with every character's voice switched with another's.
  • This Cell Vs. video. Ash, Misty, and Brock arrive at the Cell Games Arena and Hilarity Ensues.
    • Highlights include the group somehow not being in Japan, Ash repeatedly shouting "Battle!" at Cell; Brock, Ash and Pikachu all yelling at the top of their lungs (while Cell notes everyone he knows does the same thing), Ash punching Cell, Brock going "Super Breeder 3" (Complete with eight eyes to "NOT SEE EVERYTHING") only to drop out when Ash was fine and Ash actually CATCHING CELL IN A MASTER BALL.