Funny: Pokémon Stadium

  • When Kadabra gets knocked out, it throws its spoon away...only for the spoon to land on Kadabra's head, surely knocking it out even further.
    • Whenever Alakazam gets hit, it flies backwards in slow motion, resembling a Bullet Time bullet dodge in The Matrix. Afterwards, it gets in a disgruntled position and impatiently taps its fingers on the floor (much like old cartoon characters did) as it levitates back into position.
  • In Battle Revolution, using the move Seismic Toss throws the opponent into space, causing it to come crashing down. This is humorous enough on its own, but it's even funnier with Diglett and Dugtrio, who remain in their holes, even when in the air!
    • This is doubly hilarious when you use it on huge opponents like Regigigas or Wailord. Triply hilarious when they impact the earth and often take very little damage from the move, despite its ridiculous animation.
  • True to their nature, Slowpoke and Slowbro will wait for a few seconds before fainting, almost as if they didn't realize that they had run out of energy at all.
  • Drowzee's ridiculously long nose. It looks much longer in these games than in the main series.
  • The Clefairy minigame in the first Stadium. Let's start with the teacher, who wears fabulous red glasses...
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