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Funny: Pokémon Origins
  • One right from the beginning: Red being in such a rush to see Professor Oak after being caught up in watching a Pokémon battle (the "Gengar VS. Nidorino" one from the Red opening, no less), he falls down the stairs in an incredibly awesome fashion.
    • And there's his mother's reaction: she looks more exasperated than worried, which might mean it's not the first time Red's tripped over himself rushing down the stairs.
  • Before choosing their starter Pokémon, Blue says he likes a challenge... and allows Red to choose first.
  • Red attempts to catch another trainer's Pokemon early on in the journey. The results are predictable.
  • Blue acting all calm and confident while infiltrating the Pokemon Tower... only to run screaming when the ghost appears. Which Red mocks him about later.
  • The rapid montages of Gym Leaders imply some of them were on the receiving end of a very one-sided Curb-Stomp Battle, particularly Erika. Blaine's reaction to losing is also priceless.
    • The Fighting Dojo's leader breaks down as well and, just like in the games, offers to give Red one of his Pokemon, even saying "Choose whichever you like!", which is the same exact message in the text box. Hitmonlee's reaction behind him is priceless.
  • The look on Blastoise's face when Charizard uses its Megaton Punch, on Blastoise's face.
  • During Red's catching montage after beating the Champion, we see him attempting to go after a Chansey. As he decides between throwing a rock or bait, it starts to run away, with him giving chase. Everyone who has played the original games will feel his pain all too well.
  • In Part 2, which takes place in the infamous Lavender Town, they manage to pull off the infamous "white hand on your shoulder" joke.
    • What's more, if you look closely at one of Red's shoulders, there really is a white hand there!
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