Funny / Pokémon Live!

  • Ash dancing to the Pokemon theme song in his pajamas. When his friends catch him, he claims it's a Pokemon trainer workout routine. They don't believe him.
  • Pikachu sleeping under Ash's bed and shocking Brock when he wakes up.
  • Giovanni comments that he's learned 75 attacks total by the end of his first scene, and his commercial's only been running one day. "This is even easier than I expected!"
  • Everything Giovanni says is funny if you knew Darren Dunstan from Yu-Gi-Oh!, as he uses the exact same voice that he did for Pegasus—before he voiced him, too.
  • Everything Professor Oak does.
  • Team Rocket's fourth wall breakage. At a Milwaukee show, after introducing themselves they asked the audience to shout who they were. When they got no audible response twice, James commented that the kids at New York shouted a lot louder.
  • This gif from a live performance has Jessie and James giving Giovanni a migraine from annoyance.
  • As Ash, Misty, and Brock look for Giovanni's Gym, this exchange occurs.
    Misty: There are other things in life besides Pokemon Gym Badges.
    Brock: [spots a girl] Oh, there certainly are! I'll be right back!
    Ash: Hey, where you going?
    Brock: To, uh, check directions!
    Ash: Uh, Brock, you've got a map. You don't need to talk to every girl you see.
    Brock: Yes I do~
    Ash: I wish Brock could keep his mind on one thing at a time.
    Misty: Oh, he does!
  • Brock gets slapped around by a group of girls after he apparently made the same vow to each of them.
    First Girl: C'mon, girls. Let's go capture some Pokemon.
    Second Girl: At least they're trainable!
    Ash: What happened?
    Brock: I dunno... but I think I liked it. It sorta made me tingle!
    Misty: Guys! You're impossible!
    Brock: Y'know, you're kinda cute when you're angry, Misty...
    Misty: Oh, don't even think about it, Brock!
  • Meowth tells Jessie and James to be quiet, as "here comes Pikachu and his humans!"
  • James takes out the pit trap's supports while standing on it. The results are predictable, and when Jessie tries to help, she falls in as well.
  • Delia and Professor Oak arguing when the supposed Snorlax lecture hall is locked. What really makes it is Delia's impression of Oak.
    Professor Oak: This is very odd...
    Delia: Odd? Is that what you call it? Rushing all the way here on a wild goose chase and all you can say is 'This is very odd'?
  • When Giovanni reveals he set the lecture hall up as a trap, this exchange occurs.
    Professor Oak: What have you done with Professor Xalrons?
    Giovanni: Hmm.... Nothing, nothing at all.
    Professor Oak: Well then where is he!?
    Giovanni: Beats me!
  • Giovanni mocking Oak by calling him Professor Acorn. It's mostly funny since it's Giovanni saying it.
  • Brock revealing he threw away the map because he couldn't write down a girl's phone number with a map in his hand. Ash and Misty's reactions are priceless.
  • A deaf trainer uses a Jigglypuff, which makes everyone fall asleep... and doodles on their faces.
    • Everyone screams "NOOOO!" when Jigglypuff appears.
  • Meowth calls Jessie and James losers while they're apparently asleep, and they wake up just in time to hear him.
    Meowth: Look up 'loser' in the dictionary and you'll find a big picture of the two of ya!
    Jessie: Is it a nice picture?
  • "The Best at Being the Worst" has funny lyrics, and onstage, Jessie and James keep stepping on each other's feet and dropping each other during their tango. Made all the funnier by Meowth's hilariously bad attempt at serenading them.
    • Chris Mitchell's description of the song on its karaoke page is equally funny.
    Meowth improvises a pep-talk through song when Jessie and James realize that they fail at pretty much everything.
  • In "Pikachu!", Jessie and James have to pick Ash's Pikachu out from a crowd of other Pikachu dancers, and get pulled into dancing with them at times. They eventually wait for him to dance near them, then haul him off in the Magikarp submarine.
    • Just as funny is when Ash says he can't find Pikachu anywhere despite the other Pikachu still being onstage.
  • Professor Oak tries to use martial arts training to break out of a cage. He succeeds in hurting his foot.
  • During the Dark Reprise of "You And Me and Pokemon," Professor Oak is seen banging on the cage and climbing on the bars.
  • Giovanni can't believe that Team Rocket actually caught Pikachu.
  • This exchange after Pikachu is captured and taken to Giovanni. It's even funnier since it implies James knew what would happen if they tried it and wanted Giovanni to get shocked.
    Giovanni: Take the Pikachu and order it to attack MechaMew2!
    James: Why don't you do it, Boss?
    Giovanni: ...I can't have a Pokemon battle with myself, you idiot!
  • James tells Pikachu to "do that thunder thing you always do to us." He does, and shocks every Rocket in the room and frees Delia and Professor Oak.
  • When Giovanni realizes he needs to capture Ash as well as Pikachu, he turns to Jessie and James and asks "...Do you think you can handle that?" in a very doubtful tone.
  • Jessie, James, and Meowth arrive to capture Ash... on scooters.
  • When Ash lets Team Rocket capture him, they're completely shocked and wonder why it's so easy; James concludes that maybe it's their lucky day.
    Ash: Just who I was looking for!
    Jessie: That's supposed to be our line, isn't it? ...Just who we were looking for!
    Ash: Uh... Take me to Giovanni and Pikachu!
    James: No! That's supposed to be our line too. ...We're taking you to Giovanni and Pikachu!
    Jessie: Whether you like it or not!
    Ash: I like it!
  • Giovanni tells Mewtwo that MechaMew2 is better looking than Mewtwo is.
  • Giovanni's reaction when MechaMew2 refuses to return Mewtwo's attack.
  • In the Finale, Giovanni comes out with smudges all over his face and suit and glares at the cast, until the heroes invite him to dance. Albeit reluctantly, he does. Even funnier was that he was pushed onstage by Psyduck.
    • Giovanni tries to dance with Delia, but Professor Oak interrupts him with a karate chop.
  • This exchange from the song "You Just Can't Win".
    Ash: "No one's gonna side with you, you're stark raving mad!
    Giovanni: "Oh yeah? Just ask your mother."
    Ash: "That's all in the past!"
  • In the Dubai version, Giovanni is on the other side of the stage when MechaMew2 announces it will use Self Destruct. He runs up to it and begs it not to, and is promptly put in a headlock.