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Funny: Pokémon Live!
  • Ash dancing to the Pokemon theme song in his pajamas. When his friends catch him, he claims it's a Pokemon trainer workout routine.
  • Pikachu sleeping under Ash's bed and shocking him when he wakes up.
  • Everything Giovanni says is funny if you knew Darren Dunstan from Yu-Gi-Oh!, as he uses the exact same voice that he did for Pegasus—before he voiced him, too.
  • Everything Professor Oak does.
  • Team Rocket's fourth wall breakage. At a Milwaukee show, after introducing themselves they asked the audience to shout who they were. When they got no audible response twice, James commented that the kids at New York shouted a lot louder.
  • Meowth tells Jessie and James to be quiet, as "here comes Pikachu and his humans!"
  • James takes out the pit trap's supports while standing on it. The results are predictable.
  • Delia and Professor Oak arguing when the supposed Snorlax lecture hall is locked.
    Professor Oak: This is very odd...
    Delia: Odd? Is that what you call it? Rushing all the way here on a wild goose chase and all you can say is 'This is very odd'?
  • When Giovanni reveals he set the lecture hall up as a trap, this exchange occurs.
    Professor Oak: What have you done with Professor Xalrons?
    Giovanni: Hmm.... Nothing, nothing at all.
    Professor Oak: Well then where is he!?
    Giovanni: Beats me!
  • Giovanni mocking Oak by calling him Professor Acorn. It's mostly funny since it's Giovanni saying it.
  • Brock revealing he threw away the map because he couldn't write down a girl's phone number with a map in his hand.
  • A deaf trainer uses a Jigglypuff, which makes everyone fall asleep... and doodles on their faces.
    • Everyone screams "NOOOO!" when Jigglypuff appears.
  • "The Best at Being the Worst" has funny lyrics, and onstage, Jessie and James keep stepping on each other's feet and dropping each other during their tango.
  • Professor Oak trying to use martial arts training to break out of a cage.
  • During the Dark Reprise of "You And Me and Pokemon," Professor Oak is seen banging on the cage and climbing on the bars.
  • Giovanni can't believe that Team Rocket actually caught Pikachu.
  • James tells Pikachu to "do that thunder thing you always do to us." He does, and shocks every Rocket in the room and frees Delia and Professor Oak.
  • Jessie, James, and Meowth arrive to capture Ash... on scooters.
  • When Ash lets Team Rocket capture him, they're completely shocked and wonder why it's so easy; James concludes that maybe it's their lucky day.
  • Giovanni tells Mewtwo that MechaMew2 is better looking than Mewtwo is.
  • Giovanni's reaction when MechaMew2 refuses to return Mewtwo's attack.
  • In the Finale, Giovanni comes out with smudges all over his face and suit and glares at the cast, until the heroes invite him to dance. Albeit reluctantly, he does.

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