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Funny: Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior
  • Team Rocket, running around in the Reverse World.
    • At one point when Ash and Dawn are escaping the Reverse World through a dimensional hole, Team Rocket comes running up wishing, too, to get out. However, after Jessie runs up and jumps, the hole disappears. Newton ends up catching her before she falls into the abyss, and the next scene shows Jessie's comically pained face.
    • "We don't care if you're nastier than we are, SAVE US!!"
  • Shaymin, upon meeting Giratina again "Don't let it eat me!"
  • Poor Brock never gets to go anywhere,
    Brock: (after Ash, Dawn and Newton run off to save the day) Uh, hey! ...I'm starting to sense a pattern here.
  • This exchange:
    Ash: What happened to all the confidence you had in Sky Forme?
    Shaymin: I left it all up in the sky.
  • The face Giratina makes after realizing that it caught "substitute" Shaymin instead of the real one. Its face is like, The hell!?
  • This line of dialogue:
    (After eating one of Dawn's puffins)
    Shaymin: Dawn you're wonderful. (Under its breath) Way nicer than Ash.
    Ash (angered): Oh, yeah!
    (Shaymin burps black smoke in his face.)
    Ash: Ah! Why you little!''
  • The part where Ash didn't wash his hands during the beginning. It's a good example of Tastes Like Diabetes...
  • Newton's reaction whenever Shaymin calls him 'a weirdo'.
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